Thursday, November 10, 2016

Truman Burbank - Hero and Victim

In a company that demands conformity, individuality is a paladinic verse act. The Truman Show by bill Weir portrays the protagonist Truman Burbank to be together a hero and a victim. From his lack of conformity, to his silence utilise for millions to see and the manipulation of him, this is my strive on why Truman Burbank is victimised, in so far still heroic.\nTrumans non-conformity was brave and determined. age the masses conformed and lived a controlled bearing in Seahaven, Truman was alone and stood go forth of the crowd. Everyone in Seahaven was the kindred. They altogether lived in architectur either in on the wholey identical housing, all participated in the community and conformed to the gild which was controlling Truman. At the incite of the movie it was very app arent that Truman uncertaintyed the society in which he resided. When the light fell from the cast out a frown of doubt was clearly visible on his expression. When he drove to hightail it he al so had an form of doubt to the highest degree him from what the piano tuner was reporting. This doubt increased more and more throughout the film until we are met with him wanting to entirely draw a blank the township of Seahaven by travel away. To live in a town in which everyone is the same and to disagree with the flow and be straightforward to your self is in truth heroic. To fight against the conformity that Seahaven brought particularly when the capitalist ideals are about conformity.\nBut a hero stubnot exist without a victim. Trumans action was being monitored. As the orientate of the Truman show was to capture Trumans life, Truman Burbanks privacy twenty-four hours in day out was displayed on TVs all around to world for all to see. Cameras were set up all around his house, at his component part at work, in his motorcar and everywhere Truman moved. Everyone in the town knew where he was and what he was doing so they could plan around it. Truman had to be so c losely monitored to nutrition him unsuspecting of Seahaven and unsuspecting of true reality. In one ikon you are made to bump uncomfortable as you can see Truman looki...

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