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E-Commerce Business Strategy Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

E-Commerce Business system - Essay ExampleEvery pipeline lane had travel agents sitting all(a) over the world and they need to know when tickets are available and what the shape ups are. In order to ensure that this happens a network of systems on a copper wire cabling was done and the fare rates were brought to the desk tops of travel agents. The airline business that had the higher reach won the market to larger extent.In the 1980s, it was the question of retaining the customer loyalty. The focus was slowly turning towards customers and the facilities that they could possibly get. Every airline started working away a frequent flyer program. So did British Airways as well. Better programs added up to the charm of the airline and thus made a marked difference to the number of customers the airline could rope in and hence, the lucrativeness as well.Now, the loyalty programs or distribution alone are not the issues since most of the airlines offer all these. However, now it is c ustomer friendliness or customer driven or customer enabled airline that is decision making on the operational comfort of the customer. This leads to enabling an higher and a pause satisfaction among customers. This was identified by the airline and because a clear strategy to capitalize on this was done. The customer treasured to notwithstanding as much time as he could before starting on his journey. He wanted to save as much Pounds as he could when he books his tickets. It is now two pronged. One, he needfully to save time and two, he needs to save on cost. If the airline could provide both then that airline could be the winning one. This opportunity was identified and had to be capitalized on.3. Business moulding adopted by the companion The company decided to capitalize on it and work out a business model that would enable the company to make full use of this opportunity. It was decided to work out the methodology that allow for make the company a customer enabled airl ine. The customer should be able to do what he wants at the place he wants at the time he wants. This would essentially mean an anytime anywhere computing or support.The business model evolved also has to take care of the cost factor. To what extent can the cost of air travel be decrease Will the companies in the airline business ready to forego their profitableness It has been repeatedly proven that there is no profit by reducing the price of a harvest-time in the market particularly when the company is trying to reduce its profitability. Price can be reduced when there is a major cost cutting. In order to reduce the price on the tickets, the company has to first reduce the cost of operation at the office. This would help in reducing the cost of the tickets to the customer. Strategy two will be to save cost and thereby offer customer a better deal.This two pronged approach line was drawn. Based on this approach

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Strategic objectives for a business Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Strategic objectives for a art - Essay ExampleIts mission is offering splendid hair go and beauty products, to its customers. Its values include respect, leadership, integrity, diversity, and accountability. The paper will look at the trading objectives in relation to the four pillars of balanced scorecard including the financial pillar, customer pillar, internal operations pillar, and employees pillar. bingle of the learn objectives as far as the financial pillar is concerned is coming up with an useful internal control environment. Such an environment would prevent financial crimes such as fraud or embezzlement of the business financial resources. The second key objective is ensuring stability in revenue and profitability. This is grave as far as growing the shareholder wealth. For example, ensuring profitability stability contributes to the stability of the shares prices, which is in the scoop interest of the shareholders. The third key strategic objective is maximizing t he shareholder wealth. This would happen, for example, by a business operating at optimum level would maximize the shareholder wealth.One of the key strategic objectives as far as customer pillar is concerned is enhancing customer satisfaction. Since the business is offering both services and products, customer satisfaction is extremely important. It helps in ensuring that the customers make repeat visits in the business, which helps in growing the grocery share. A key metric for this objective is the number of absenteeism within a given period. The second key strategic objective is offering high quality services and products to the customers. The customers expect value for money when they barter for the beauty products (Chia-Chen, 2006). The hair services should be excellent, which would translate into increased customer satisfaction. An effective metric for this objective is the number of repeat customers per a given period. The third strategic

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The Proper Accounting Treatment of Auto World Inc Essay

The Proper Accounting Treatment of railcar human beings Inc - Essay ExampleHowever, there is still a need to verify, through certain housevass procedures and audit evidence if Pit tick is really a component of an entity. This includes assessing if the cash flows subsequent to the disposal can be classified as direct or indirect cash flows in accordance with EITF no(prenominal) 3 13 and if gondola World allow still have a significant curve on Pit Stops trading operations after its disposal.The major accounting issue for Auto World is the proper accounting treatment, presentation and disclosure for Pit Stops operations in Auto Worlds financial statements for the period ended June 30, 2007. All these go forth depend on whether or not Pit Stop is really a component of Auto World and whether it will qualify as discontinued operations.According to Paragraph 41 of SFAS No. 144, a component of an entity comprises operations and cash flows that can be clearly distinguished, operati onally and for financial reporting purposes, from the rest of the entity. Another translation in paragraph 10 of SFAS No. 131, Disclosures about Segments of an Enterprise and Related Information, stated that an operating atom is one that has its own business activities where it derives and incurs revenues and expenses, respectively. One factor to determine whether it is an operating segment is that its operating results argon consistently viewed and analyzed by top management for decisions related to resource allocation and to performance assessment. Lastly, a component of an entity (SFAS No. 144, par. 41) can also be a reporting unit, that is, an operating segment or one level below an operating segment (SFAS No. 142, par. 30).Using the above definitions, it seems that Pit Stop is a component of an entity (SFAS No. 144, Par. 41). This is based on the facts that one, all 30 branches of Pit Stop will be disposed one time and two, Pit Stop is distinguishable from theother operations of Auto World, both in terms of physical branches and in terms of revenues and expenses.

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INTRODUCTION TO ECONOMICS FOR BUSINESS Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

INTRODUCTION TO ECONOMICS FOR BUSINESS - Essay ExampleIn this context we depart look at the greet incurred in the production of Apples new contemporaries iPads. The gild has basically two models of the new generation iPad models sensation that is equipped with 32 GB on NAND flash bulb memory and the new(prenominal) that is equipped with 64 GB NAND flash memory and both with a 4G capacious term evolution (LTE) wireless capability. These argon effective but the major brands of the new generation iPads. What stands bulge is the difference in the price of production of the two different models. Looking at the bill of materials of these two, we invite that the new iPad 32 GB carries a total of $364.65 and an additional cost of about $10.75 which vertebral columns the cost of manufacturing unrivaled unit so that the total bill of materials for this iPad to be at $375.10. The 64 GB ones bill of materials is just $22.85 more than that of the 32 GB model. Looking at these new mo dels, it is simply the prices of their separate that make them so expensive. For instance the NAND flash memory prices range from $16 to $67 and are one of the key profit generating components for Apple in the new iPad line A. Rassweiler (2012) noted. The iPads display and touch screen are also expensive at $120 according to Andrew Rassweiler (2012) too. Some other parts include the $23 A5X processor manufactured by Samsung and which makes up 6.3% of the total BOM, a $41.50 camera similar to the one installed in the iPhone 4 modules, and an improved capacity lithium polymer battery that cost $32.00per piece. This new battery can leap out 42.5 watt hours which is about 75% from the previous 25 watt hours in the iPad 2. This new battery costs only about 40% more than the old model which costs about $22.75. All in all, basically the 2nd generation iPads cost about$271.00 to produce, about 9 percent cheaper than the 3rd generation ones. According to IHS iSupplis Fred Straker (2012). Ap ple has chosen to leave the price difference at only $71 in order to make it difficult for any other company to beat the price of the iPad 3 given how expensive its production cost is. The average variable cost of producing these new model iPads is just about $360 which is a very high price per unit produced. This however means that on the other hand Apple wont be able to make quite the profit mete that it was evidently used to with the sale of every iPhone unit, although they will not be too much at loss as intimately of their profits will be from the 64 GB versions of the new iPads, that is if they sell. The cost of making a 64 GB version just beats that of making the 16 GB one by about $50, with the retail price difference being over $200 imputable to the added 4G LTE networking technology. This is basically an upgrade that pushes up the retail price of the 64 GB version way beyond the cost of the actual upgrade. This actually means that the more expensive iPads if sold will co mfortably cover for the not so much profits earned by the company through the selling of the some affordable ones. Specifically the 64 GB8with no 4G and the 16 GB9 up to the 64GB11 are Apples most expensive iPads and if sold will earn the highest of profits. These are the models that can earn the company the profit margins they are looking forward to. Also the retail price of the iPad 3 is about $629 and that gives Apple a marginal profit of about 51% which is slightly less than that of the 3G iPad2

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Occupational Safety & Liability Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Occupational Safety & Liability - Case Study ExampleAs such, champion is convinced that the comprehensive definition of a gum elastic study should extend beyond focusing on it being injury free which is only one facet in adhereing to the standards of safety as confident(p) by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).Concurrently, it has been revealed that employers were required by OSHA for the provision of a safe workplace that conforms to the following description one that is free of dangers that could physically harm those who work there requiring employers to intercommunicate employees about potential hazards, to train them in how to deal with hazards, and to keep records of workplace injuries.Overall, other facets of safety and consistency to health standards moldiness be adhered not only focusing on an injury free definition. Actually, it was punctuate that a safe workplace should consider communicating explicitly to all personnel sources of potential ri sks and hazards, identifying machinery that could exist the employees lives, pr crimsonting illnesses, making sure that lighting, ventilation, emergency exits and fire protective strategies are in place, providing vaccination as deemed necessary, and even tracking the effects of workplace conditions on employees health through periodic medical examinations. Thus, the information confirms that workplace safety does not merely mean being injury-free. All aspects of hazards and risks in the work place must be properly addressed.

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Currency Options and Their Role in International Trade Essay

Currency Options and Their enjoyment in worldwide Trade - Essay ExampleIn order to deal with the problem of ever-changing market damages, the vocationr needs to continually evaluate and analyze the functions of the market and the goals of the business enterprise (Stanley 1998). In addition, the business must be in a position to put in place impertinent market rules and to be monitoring the trade trends and its development. In most of the existence states, trade has emerged as unmatched of the key sectors of the economy and most of her citizens depend on the trade for their source of living. The growth of the zip markets and the strategies of the energy providers have been the driving force of these trade improvements over the recent years. A number of commodities in the energy sector such as power, gas, carbon dioxide and even the weather have found their way into the trade market in societies. This has light-emitting diode to the improvement of the use of the scarce resourc es and increased complex organizations, process interfaces and the organization infrastructures. The increased demand for data quality has led to most organizations to adopt the need for risk vigilance that reduces the operational costs during the production process and the actual trading exercise (DellAriccia & Marquez 2010). The international trade is decision its way in society and people have actively been involved in the same and this has led to the emergence of new market models such as market coupling are being discussed and this has make it easier for cross-border trading. On the other hand, the international trade implies that different rules and procedures must be followed and this has led to a variegate in the trading system that bring on board a number of challenges that require translation into existing risk management mechanisms. transmute Traded Currency Options Foreign exchange traded currency options give a company or an individual the right to exchange the curr ency of their country into other currency of another country at pre-agreed exchange rate at a given time in the future. This is the worlds market option although most of the currency trade is done in private and thereof it is not possible to determine exactly how large the market is. This form of trade is regulated hitherto in a minimized way and most of the transactions are over the counter. With a fewer exceptions that are traded on exchanges such as the International Securities Exchange, the Philadelphia Stock Exchange, or the Chicago Mercantile Exchange that has options for future contracts (Dong-Hyun & Gao 2003). In the past, the universally accepted currency option was nursed by the Bank for International Settlements. For any business enterprise that wish to grow in the international market, there is the need to valuate the Foreign Exchange factor. Most of the organizations often do not take this risk factor into rumination during their contracts hence the delayed growt h, and success in the international market. The international market often fluctuates in value and a given asset or commodity valued at a given price at a present time might be valued at a higher(prenominal) or lower price in the future due to the exchange rate factor (Manzur, Hoque, & Poitras 2010). In the currency option therefore, the product that is to be traded called a derivative is based on a universally acceptable instrument that

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Marketing management report Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Marketing management report - Term reputation Exampleon leveraging Korras product strengths to position itself as a premium brand, to arrive at higher margins from lower tax revenues and as a means to differentiate itself from the market. This interprets to a sourcing strategy that shuns China as a supplier of products, because of quality issues that are incompatible with its premium and quality proposition. Opportunities in marketing online, via Facebook and Google and separate relevant social media platforms, can be pursued, with promotions budgets aligned with sales (Hae, 2014).The challenge is to provide a comp marketing plan for Korra Dancewear, by way of providing advice and guidance to Karolina Swietoniowska, who is the firms owner and primary germinal force/designer. Based in Canada, in Ontario, the challenge is finding means to drum up come to in the new collection of dancewear created by the owner, and being solely focused on the online channel, and the goal is to t ranslate improved attention to greater revenues, all fleck working with constraints in funding. These constraints translate to formidable challenges marketing-wise, and the owner has in mind a strategy that focuses on several key aspects of any marketing plan. Those aspects allude to promotions, extending the product line, and focusing on modes of distribution. Overall, the owners goal is to realize monthly sales of surrounded by $1, 000 and $2,000 every month by the start of 2014, and the marketing plan is the lynchpin by which Swietoniowska hoped to realize that revenue goal (Hae, 2014).The channel for sales is online, and the selling prices of individual pieces of wear that the owner sold were along the cat of between $40 and $70. The product range consisted of seven items broken down into 18 stock care units or SKUs, with the sizes options limited to medium and small. Of the seven items, six items each contributed five percent to overall sales, while one item, the Kai Bodys uit, contributed seven dollars out of every ten dollars

Fair Values in the Preparation of Financial Statements Essay

Fair Values in the Preparation of Financial Statements - Essay characterRelevant Information Information needs to be relevant to the needs of users in order to shell out its purpose. However, there are also other fundamental qualities that financial statements need to have. These qualities include comparability, faithful representation, consistency, completeness, understandability, and dependability (BPP 2009a). Information is useless if it is not unquestionable and in a number of cases, the think ofs described as ordinary values in the accounts do not provide a reliable estimate of the value of pluss and liabilities. According to Bath (n.d.) concerns also focus on this matter. It should also be noted the more reliable the information is the less relevant it will be. Relevant information has predictive value, feedback value, and timeliness. Reliable information is objective Comparability of financial statements Financial statements need to be comparable from one year to the n ext and between one company and another. However, even though decent values may be said to be current and therefore more comparable, the fact that understanding needs to be exercised brings subjectivity into play. In asset to that, those judgments on which investors and other stakeholders depend have their own agenda. In some cases, they may exercise their judgment in such a way as to manipulate the accounts. This, therefore, brings us back to the reliability of the figures in the financial statements. ... the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) requires that the classification of financial instruments be recorded at fair value in a hierarchy consisting of three (3) levels. The first level (level 1) relates to quoted prices that have not been familiarized for identical assets and liabilities in active markets. The second level (level 2) relates to input prices but excludes quoted prices which are included in the first level and which can be observed directly for a ssets and liabilities, in the form of prices or in the form of derived prices indirectly. The third level relates to both assets and liabilities that are not based on market information that can be observed. IASB concluded that this would result in improvement for comparability purposes as well as assist in the convergence process of the IFRSs to the United States generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP). The basis that was given up for that conclusion relates to the disclosures required by IFRS 7 and ASC having no differences in terms of their application. Khalik (2008) in his paper entitle The case against fair value accounting indicated that its critics have suggested that in times of poor economic conditions fair value (FV) accounting leads to the generation of pessimistic assumptions that further result in significant reductions in asset values as well as major reductions in earnings because of the fact that unrealised losings are taken into account in the income state ment.

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Justice Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 1

Justice - strive ExampleThe need for evaluator is necessitated because of claims made by an individual or groups on the other on the ground of misconduct or unfairness. Crime is one of the prevalent forms of such misconduct and hence it calls for the suppuration of a special branch of the judiciary system which is know as the criminal justice system. The period of the crime rate has been on the rise and continues to be so presently. However, the question that comes up is whether justice has been suitable to reach each of the victims and has led to the happiness of the society through its regulation. The answer to this question is well known to all.Daily reports of crime show the extent to which such activities have increased and how the perpetrators go about paltry freely in the society. This does not imply that the concepts of justice has changed, it only reflects the underlying inability of the concerned authorities to impart it. Justice is a social order that keeps individu als safe from crimes such as thefts, murders, assaults and abuses. In the big sense, it protects countries from wars, terrorism and other types of unjust activities. Justice excessively ensures a persons freedom and indecorum in making choices. However, the role of justice in taking actions comes into play when such freedoms are apply by those individuals. (Kelsen)Criminal justice has been formulated to control incidents of crime as a part of the justice imparting system. The role of justice is not only to give the seeker his due rights but also to create an environment that is not conducive of crime. That is to explain that it does not only punish the perpetrator and thusly gives justice to the victim, it also has a duty to transform the perpetrator to avoid recidivism. Further, in the eyes of justice, every one is equal. Justice does not show biases and favoritism. Thus, the punishing of a criminal is the duty of justice not for the sake of the

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Law Assignments Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

right Assignments - Research Paper ExampleThis form of need falls under the idea of Statute of shammer as one of the parties has failed to complete assigned task on the stern of the agreement. Parol test Doctrine The Parol Evidence policy is a rule under contract law which binds/ restricts the court from admitting states from the parties involved in the contract, anterior to the conduct of oral or written agreements. It is worth mentioning that determination of parol evidence is dependent on the basis of the final look of agreement that is done mutually by both the parties (Mallor, Barnes, Bowers and Langvardt 1-1250). Example X and Y rent mutually agreed to start a firm with equal capital and the share of moolah was to be done equally. But on the day of sharing, it was found that though both the parties had invested equal follow of capital, but the profit was not distributed equally. This form of contract generally falls under the guidance of parol evidence doctrine. The c ontract bear fall under the collateral contract as both the parties can be benefited. QUESTION 2 An assignment contract is a form of contract which provides an authority to give or transfer its rights to another/third party. It is generally viewed to be a transfer of a partys benefit to a third party in terms of fully issuing authority kinda than including the name of the party in a contract (Mallor, Barnes, Bowers and Langvardt 1-1250). Example of Assignment Contract cipher surface-to-air missile has entered into contract with James to clean his lawn and all the waste from his backyard for US$ 300. It was seen that Sam later assigns the benefit arising from the contract (i.e. US$ 300) to Daniel, though his name was not mentioned in the contract. In this example, Sam is the assignor, Daniel is the assignee and James is the delegator. A delegacy contract is a form of contract where the delegator has a right to transfer or transmit his business to a allot. Example of assignment c ontract Suppose Rose had assign her right to Mary to hive away $US 1000 from one of her customer for the purchased made by the customer. In this case, Rose is the delegator, Mary is the delegate and the customer is the obligee. A third-party beneficiary mode of contract is regarded as a contract wherein a soulfulness who is neither a promisee nor a promisor is benefited by the performance of the contract. Example of assignment contract Suppose smith has applied for insurance with a company and has mentioned Mrs. Smith names as the nominee or the person whom the company would be liable to pay the keep down after his death. In this scenario, the company is the promisor (as it promises to pay Mrs. Smith the required amount on her husbands death), Mr. Smith is the promise and Mrs. Smith is the third party (Mallor, Barnes, Bowers and Langvardt 1-1250). QUESTION 3 Jude had entered into a contract with Edward to sell a bicycle which would have electrical braking and a light that would occur while cycling the paddles. Later, it was found that the specification of the electrical spark method in the bicycle was not working resulting in default of 25% of the total amount mentioned in the contract. Edward also sued Jude for breach of contract as the specification was not complied with the requirements. In this similar concern, it can be stated that if the party sues for breach of contract and the defense of failure of conditions is asserted, certain theories are useable that the plaintiff could assert resulting the court to

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Terror in Tokyo Case Study Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Terror in Tokyo Case Study - Essay ExampleThe casualties of the March 20 1995 incident show the intense capabilities of the collection led by non-other than Chizuo Matsumoto or otherwise spotting the key of Shoko Asahara. The rapid expansion of the group in the early 1995 proves detrimental as chances are on the growing that the exoteric is vulnerable to attacks by the madness members. The strict discipline and commitment that is in the doctrine of the cult further makes the new converts to the group more likely to perpetrate criminal activities to the public. Purchase of weapons and helicopters shows that the group was advantageously preparing and ready to engage in any confrontation. Further acts of seeking military guidelines from allies in Russia makes the group even more threatening to the Japanese people. Kidnappings and forceful extortion of money from people especially in vast daylight shows that the group had no regard for the public. They were a real threat seeking t o fund their legal proceeding at all costs.The Japanese officious did not exactly respond actively to the threats posed by the group. They portray reluctance in dealing with the cult. As a result, the group continues with its activities of threatening peace and lives of the Japanese. Kariya (an controller who victim to extortion of money by the group) had submitted reports that he was being followed. The daytime kidnapping of the man and disappearance shows the police were not doing their best to deal with the group. Though the police later tracked the kidnapping, they were short of time.The best recommendation that I would direct to the police is that they would have considered time as an issue of essence in the consentaneous operation. Fast, timely and calculated efforts would have slowed or ultimately stopped the cult from using chemical weapons to carry off and injure innocent Japanese people.There is a key lesson that the U.S law enforcement agencies, intelligence bureaus and other public service organizations

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The Yellow Wallpaper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

The Yellow wallpaper - Essay ExampleShe can see life in the wallpaper, life in a trap woman. The woman is told to be trying to flee herself. She eventually is released from the trap on the last day of the vacation, when the master(prenominal)tain opens the board. The use eventually identifies herself as the woman in the yellow wallpaper. Logan Thomas directed the film, the Yellow wallpaper in 2011. The yellow wallpaper is a horror film about a family that rents a impertinently planetary house following the burning of their old house. The family, consisting of Gilman, her husband Dr. John and their daughter Jennie, lose their previous house, their retention and their beloved daughter Sarah to the fire. They ar forced to relocate to a rented house by circumstances. It is at this house that horrific things happen. The town is odd, with the only route to town leading them to a dessert, wolves attacks, and some seem to be living right in the house, behind a yellow wallpaper (Tho mas). The movie has various aspects that are similar to the short story. Looking at the characters, there is a distinct comparison, in that they are the same. The main characters in the short story are Gilman and her husband, who is a doctor. Both characters recur in the movie. A belief of a depressed feminine character has been sparked out in both cases, by the same character. Gilman, in the short story, is depressed and suffering from chain armour partum trauma, soon after she gave birth. She suffers alone in a room found in a rented flatcar, where they are on a three-week vacation. The depressive condition leads the character to visualizing presence of some other person trapped in the wallpaper. The depression recurs in the movie, to the same character, and again due to a child. However, in the movie, the child died after their former house was gutted down. The character, in the movie, has visualizations of the daughter, and later in the movie, there is a character living in seclusion, in the house, behind the wallpaper. There are various remarkable discriminations in the midst of the yellow wallpaper movie and short story. To begin with, the horror aspect found in the movie is extraordinary to the short story. The short story involves human characters alone who are living in a rented apartment while on vacation. The movie ends with infestation of the characters house by wolves. Another remarkable difference between the 2 pieces of art is the condition leading to their seclusion. In the short story, there is a case two newlyweds, Gilman and the husband, renting a house for the summer vacation. The woman had recently had a child. She was however suffering from post partum depression, a condition that saw her mental recess. In the movie, the condition arises from the burning up of their house. The fire bring down them to desperation until a stranger assists with an idea of a house. The man offers them carriage to their new home. Another difference ar ises from the cause of the trauma Gilman, in the movie, unlike in the story, is depressed by the loss of her daughter Sarah, who was consumed by the fire. Other contradictions in the story arise from presence of other characters in the movie not display in the story. Jennie is seen bringing her friend who is reluctantly accepted into their house by her parents. The mode of seclusion in both cases differs as well in the short stor

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Speech Topic Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Speech Topic - try out ExampleHanson (2012) research explains that marijuana is a special dose that gives people the motivation to perform better. The do medicines has the power to boost the confidence of people and make them achieve their goals. So it acts as a upright source of motivation for people who are generally shy or finding it hard to dole out up at work place. The audience needs to be informed about this so that they bang the wonders it can do to people in work place. Not only does it motivate people nevertheless it also makes them feel happy and contented with their life as researched by Steve (2011). The audience must be informed that marijuana does not harm any organ of the body in fact the drug has the ability to make cheer people up. The ancient Hindus used marijuana for the very purpose of satisfying themselves and scientists believe that the drug contains ingredients that could make a person self-relieved and contented in pressure situations (Steve, 2011).To make a shift from informative to persuasive the speech has to be more convincing to persuade the audience in realizing that it is not only harmless but also useful to legalize marijuana. One way to do this is by giving evidence as suggested by Earleywine (2007). The cost of prohibiting marijuana alone mounts up to 8 billion US dollars each year. The government of the US has been unsuccessful in prohibiting its use and there is no record of the unnecessary money spent on it. If the government cannot stop the drug from entering the streets and consumer drug market then there is no point in placing restrictions and spending millions of dollars on it. It would be more than better if people are left with the choice of consuming it as it would not only carry on government some fair amount of money but it would also give people their dissolve right of choosing a product that is considered harmless when used intelligently.Furthermore it is also

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Modern Cryptographc Protocol in Fixed and Mobile Communication Research Paper

Modern Cryptographc Protocol in Fixed and Mobile conference - Research Paper ExampleIntroduction Cryptography represents the practice as s tumefy up as the consider of effective procedures and techniques enduring secure communication amid various technological instruments. It reveals about constructing as well as analyzing the protocols that mainly everyplacewhelms the effect of adversaries. It is to be stated that cryptography is the synonym of encryption which signifies translation of information that is vindicated to a particular state that flowerpotnot be decoded. With this concern, this particular study entails the application of modern cryptography over fixed as well as mobile communication. It can be apparently observed that net income warranter incorporates wide application of cryptographic protocols as well as algorithms in inn to go over secured and safe communication within different technological aspect. It is worth mentioning in this similar concern that cr yptography tends to secure communication with respect to several significant areas such as internet, e -commerce as well as mobile communication by a greater level (Lundh, & Cortier, 2002). ... With this growing nature, there remains an increased demand for information protection. Furthermore, it has been revealed that communication being involved within modern business scenario entail both fixed as well as mobile communication. Moreover, it has also been observed that in allege to keep pace with the competitive market, volume of information is also being accelerated. As a thing of fact, it can be apparently observed that traditional cryptography has been mainly designed as well as verified by applying or implementing informal as well as intuitive techniques. Furthermore, it can be viewed that absence of proper verification mainly lead towards occurring flaws as well as security errors. These errors further remain undetected and creates problem with respect to communication. Form al verification views at providing a sloshed as well as a thorough medium for evaluating the effectiveness of cryptographic protocols (Chaabouni, Lipmaa, & Shelat, 2009). In order to determine the impact of cryptographic protocols especially in fixed communications, it can be affirmed that protocol authentication is usually accomplished by deductive reasoning on the basis of application. It has been revealed that protocol goals must be fixed accurately at the presence of flaws within protocol assumption. It can be viewed that if the protocol goals are not accurate, then validation concerning fixed communications cannot be succeeded. In this similar concern, real advanced strategies need to be adopted as well as executed for improving as well as developing numerous equipments that simplifies the verification procedure by a considerable level. As a matter of fact, simplification of protocol procedure incorporates certain major

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Afirmative Action and Black America Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3750 words

Afirmative operateion and Black America - Essay modelingAbolition of sla actually became the bone of contention in the midst of the North and South. This resulted in the Civil struggle between the northern states termed the Union and the seceded southern states forming the Confederacy. Ultimately the resistance was overcome by the Union and the era of Reconstruction started to say back the ravaged economy of the southern states. The rebelled 11 Confederate states had to be restored to their positions in the Union and provided with devoted governments. The role of the emancipated slaves in southern society had to be defined and settled.With the end of Civil War slavery assumed a immature form, viz segregation 1. New Black Codes that restricted the rights of the newly freed slaves were enacted in the South. White dominance was methodically resurrected through secret terror organizations like Ku Klux Klan. The southern whites found it very difficult to adopt a social order devoid of slavery. This led to what is popularly known as Jim Crow Laws in the U.S. history. Enacted in the beginning of 1880s these statutes legalized segregation of blacks. The name of the enactments leads one to assume that a person named Jim Crow was the architect of these laws where as it stems from a popular minstrel song Jump Jim Crow, a dance performed with blackface by the white comedian Thomas Dartmouth. Black codes enacted during 1865-66 restricted the fundamental rights of African Americans. They were prevented from voting by imbecilic poll tax and unfair literacy tests and intimidation. Blacks were required to attend separate schools and colleges, railway cars and buses had separate sections earmarked for them. They were not even allowed to sit with the whites for domain amusements and entertainments thus denied participation in mainstream community life. Even places of employment were segregated. Protagonists of these savage laws got a shot in the arm when the U S Supreme Court upheld the constitutionality of the so-called separate but equal trying on in the case of Plessy v. Ferguson (1896). During 1900 to 1920 segregation extended to hospitals, jails and even churches entrenching a full-fledged apartheid regime. The Civil Rights Act 1964The reformer of civil rights movement in the U S Dr. Martin Luther King said I have a dream that my four children go forth one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character. originally we delve into 1964 Civil Rights Act we must remember that it had a predecessor in The Civil Rights Act of 1957, which was introduced during Eisenhowers presidency but never saw the light of the day. Eisenhower was not known for his support of the civil rights. He believed that one could not force people to change their beliefs such changes had to come from the heart of the people refer and not as the result of legislation from Washington.The Civil Rights Act of 1964 was the brainchild of John F Kennedy who became electric chair in 1960 (National, 1964) 2. He wanted to redress the discrimination that had persisted in spite of civil rights laws and constitutional guarantees. The new president was faced with some indisputable facts about the African Americans such as57 percentage of African American housing settlements was categorized to be of unacceptable standard.Life expectancy of African American was 7 years less than that of whites. Their infant mortality was twice compared to that of whites. Blacks found it very difficult to nonplus mortgages from mortgage lenders.Property values dropped

Piaget and the Concrete-Operational Period Assignment

Piaget and the Concrete-Operational Period - Assignment ExampleThe cover operational level, which is the element of focus, begins from seven and ends at around eleven years. It involves integration from preoperational stage and children in this stage are able to apply logical reasoning based on principles of conservation (Flavell, 1994).Beyond the concrete operational stage, a child is able o apply deductive techniques in reasoning and declaration seemingly complex problems (Garcia & Nanez, 2011). The following is a play to elaborate the concept of a concrete operational period and involves four children (Adam, Isaac, Norah and Cynthia). Adam is six years eight months, Norah is seven years, Isaac is ten and Cynthia are 11 years. The mission of the play to investigate how the children were at different ages will determine or explain changes in the quantity of bread teemed in three different containers using one standard measuring container. An magnanimous named James is going t o guide the children through the play and ask questions as well as disposition observations.(James uses a cylindrical container of one kilogram, 10-centimetre diameter and 30 centimetres height to scoops a kilogram of sugar and pour into the three containers. The first container is cylindrical, 30 centimetres high and 40 centimetres diameter. The second container is cube and measures 20 centimetres length, 20 centimetres big and 20 centimetres height. The container is also cylindrical in shape and measures 60 centimetres height and 5 centimetres diameter. Transfer of the sugar is such that all the contents of the scooping container fit into each of the three containers. James ensures that each child is concerned and observes the distribution process. James then asks each child to comment by showing container with most and least quantities, and explain their observations).Adam The third container is taller than the rest and capable of holding more sugar.In addition, the sugar has modify it near to the brim.

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Poetry essay Essay Example for Free

Poetry essay Essay?How does Owen Sheers handling language, form and structure to explore ideas most separation and division in wintertime Swans? The Poem Winter Swans seems to convey a strong theme of natural love. The poem begins with setting a scene of a peaceful day, where nature seems to be stilled after(prenominal) the torrential weather that is referred to in the first line through with(predicate) The clouds had given their all. It goes on to say that there was past a break, and throughout the poem the poet uses rowing such as still and rolling, stilling and slow-stepping to capture this scene of peace and serenity, as if the world was resting after being thrashed about by a storm. With the idea of a natural love, there comes the confusion and the inartificial friendship that love is not comraderialistic, a feeling and something that can not be brought on by force. forefathere all natural love stories come feelings of hurt and division. A separation that brings the sheaths closer and streng therefores the emotion. Sheers uses the theme of leaving, and then returning, or rage, and then peace, or the unknown, and then the known to reoccur throughout the poem, eventually strengthening the love, which could be argued as the main emotion of the poem. The poet also uses imagery such as lakes and swans, to symbolise the peacefulness, and also to symbolise love.You circular words that tell the subject is not alone, with we and our. These words and also the motion of the swans, the lake, and the peacefulness are foreshadowing that the poem will take a turning onto love that is more literate. However I dont think that the poems theme is so much about love in particular, but about a natural love, a natural pull that brings two people together even after hard times.Sheers uses Swans as a metaphor of love, the way swans will smoothly capitulation in and out of the water, and how they are known to curve towards and by from each other as if move o n ice. They are the perfect example to show the way love will draw away and then come indorse. He uses vocabulary ranging from silent and rolling to righting and rough to show the separation and how chop-chop the emotions get confused, and how quickly compassion will turn into anger, and vice versa.The poem begins referring to this in the first stanza with weather, as raging storm. And then a break. The poet then adds on in which we walked, showing possibly that the subject and whoever they are with also went through a hard time, but are now peaceful along with the nature. In the fourth stanza it describes the swans halving themselves in the dark water, to portray a hard time, but then returning again like boats righting in rough weather It then moves onto the poems only piece of speech, they mate for life. Which rounds off the conclusion of the theme of the poem, that although there are hard times, they will always be pulled back together. The poem then shows this also applies fo r the people, as at the beginning of the poem it describes them as being silent and apart, but right at the end it shows them holding hands, symbolising how they are together. The poems theme is concluded with comparing them to a pair of wings settling after flight, to show that finally, the emotion has strengthened, and they can settle after the confusion and separation.

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Cultural Differences in Business Essay Example for Free

Cultural Differences in Business EssayI have read a fix about the cultural differences between Asia and the United States. I have talked to some of my Asian acquaintances here in Okinawa. There argon quite a few cultural differences in the business worlds in Hong Kong and the States.In the states, employees have potenter feelings about and opinions of the intrinsic contracts of a business. The employees inner images come into play with these feelings because they feel that if they have a salutary and strong inner image then the outer image will automatically be a good one. They feel that extrinsic contracts are non as important, but still an electric receptacle when it comes to business. Employees in the United States are not as respectful to management and will even advocate if they feel they have a strong point. In some cases this may be a good thing. In the United States we tend to be more aggressive and have strong opinions rather than suggestions.In Hong Kong, they be lieve that extrinsic contracts are everything. They believe as long as they have a strong front and image then there business will succeed. This is a good thing when it comes to frequent images because if you look like you have a strong business then the public will not know any different. Intrinsic contracts are not a main concern in Hong Kong. They are pushed to the side until they have a strong front and then it may be worked on.

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Hot Seat Chapter 16 Essay Example for Free

sweltry Seat Chapter 16 Essay1 . The fundamental ideas associated with the mercantile theory were that everything was to clear the m opposite country, to each one nation was trying to achieve self-sufficiency, colonies and agriculture would improve economy and raw materials, and the country essential benefit at the expense of others. For the nearly part, these ideas along with a few other minor pieces helped European nations to becharm much of the New and old domain. Great Britain was the most successful with a vast everywhereseas imperium with northwesterly America, the West Indies, Africa and into India. They governed their colonies effectively and efficiently maximizing power and economic strength over the world. The least successful would probably be Portugal. They initially started out strong, finding trade routes along Africa into Asia and control Brazil, however by the 18th century their empire had diminished to slight control of Brazil and virtually no other colonies. 2. The main points of contest surrounded by Britain and France in North America were in the St. Lawrence River valley and the Ohio River valley. These areas were huge enters of trade and influence of the Native Americans that both the French and English desired.In the West Indies the contrast was mainly over crops and through naval battles. These skirmishes affected overseas trade and the flow of resources. In India, the conflict was mainly restricted to port cities and factories set up by the early English and French settlers along the Indian subcontinent. 3. Triangle trade was an extremely useful trading method to transport goods, raw materials, and resources between Europe, the Americas, and Africa. European sailors ould travel down to Africa and exchange weapons (mostly) for African slaves from West African kings.These slaves were typically prisoners of war that the rival African cities wanted to get rid of. Europeans would transport these slaves to the West Indie s and North American colonies were they would be traded for currency and raw materials found and grown in the New ball. Finally those ships would take the materials back to Europe were they could be sold and traded to the rest of the world. Triangle trade was an effective way for mercantilist empires to become more self- ufficient and grow economically. 4. Initially, the Spanish conquered and controlled the largest empire in the Americas.They had colonies in much of the rich West Indies, all throughout Central America, most of South America, and the South West of North America. They would split much of their territories into Judicial councils called audiencias. Each audiencia had a topical anaesthetic official loyal to the Spanish crown called a Corregidor. Before the Bourbon reforms, Queen Isabella had assigned much of the compound control to the Council of the Indies, hich nominated viceroys for the New World. Trade was mostly ruled by a flota system of per annum shipping with Spain.With the Bourbon reforms, Charles Ill attemoted to reassert Spanish control over the colonies. He allowed more than one Spanish city (Cadiz) to trade with the New World and opened more Caribbean ports. colonists) as the heads of society. They were the elites while the creoles were subordinate. 5. Slavery was introduced to the Americas through the triangle trading networks where large numbers of blacks were brought over form Africa. This wasnt the first nstitution of slavery, however it is one of the beat recordings of slavery throughout history.Slavery became a fundamental part of the plantation system and completely inevitable to the New World colonies economies. Without slaves, much of the intense economic growth experienced by the New World and Europe would not have occurred. The plantation system helped draw inhumane treatment of slaves because they were then seen as property, farm tools, that could be replaced. When they misbehaved or didnt function properly, the plan tation owners would either fix them through torture) or start them.Despite the harsh treatment of slaves, our country and many others would arguably never have gotten to where it is today without them. 6. By the end of the Seven Years contend, France and Austria came out defeated. In Europe, almost no borders or politics changed. Germany was lock away disputed and Prussia remained a strong power with England at its back. In North America, France lost all of their colonies and possessions. England and her North American colonies defeated the French and with the Treaty of Paris, cast them out.The only real foothold France now held in the New World were through its West Indies possessions. Great Britain now came out as a world power and probably the strongest nation up until the USAs uprising. 7. Many European, especially British, events and ideas helped influence the American vicissitude and drive the colonists to rebel. The John Wilkes affair which challenged the Kings power and the influence of Parliament. John Wilkes criticized the peace negotiations with France after the Seven Years War and gained much support from mall property owners and the nobles who wished to drain the kings power.America saw these demonstrations of proof as to the exacting nature of a monarchy. The Glorious Revolution also showed to the colonists how sometimes a new government must be instated to protect the people. Thinkers like John Locke and Thomas Paine also widely influenced the minds of many Americans. The American Revolution also caused a domino effect over much of the New World colonies like Haiti and other South American areas. It displayed the Enlightenment characteristics and helped inspire the French revolution. Great British political radicals saw that revenue enhancement of their North American colonies as far and Just. England had protected and defended them throughout the Seven Years War and they must share some of the burden. Also, American colonists paid signifi cantly less taxes than the English citizens in Great Britain so they had no reason to complain. Americans were outraged because they were only represented through virtual representation. They felt that if the Parliament wished to tax the colonies, they must give them fair representation in Parliament, no taxation without

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Hunting laws Essay Example for Free

Hunting laws EssayYear later on year in the inquisition industry people have argued that cross shanks should be legal for everyone during hunting season. at long last a few years ago the national hunting board of admnistratives passed a law stating, anyone bottom use a crossbow during the archery part of deer season. this new law take all the period of play emerge of bow hunting, it makes illigally poaching deer tremendously easy, and also it teaches the newer generation of hunters the amiss(p) substance to hunt.As distant back as hunting goes one of the hardest ways to kill an animal has been the bow. its an adrenaline rush pulling the bow back on a big whitetail. now their taking that thrill away by allowing the use of a crossbow. its taking all the sport proscribed of bow hunting, with a regular bow a hard shot was 25 to 30 yards now thay have crossbows out that will send out to 85 yards. reservation it basicallly like a gun theres no pull back, its a knowledgea bility like a gun. as stated in NABC (North American Bowhunting Coalition) ( Crossbows are not bows.Crossbows have by and large rifle-like characteristics such as a gun stock for shoulder mounted shooting, start out safety, optical sights, locked anc cocked at full draw by a mechanical device, carried loaded and ready to shoot, rigidly controlled internal ballistics, marginal movemnetn to shooting position and can be shot from a rest. ) Its not fair to the sport of hunting, apply to it took a skilled archer to kill a deer, now a toddler could pull the trigger and kill one. The relaxed restriction on rossbow hunting makes poaching deer illigally much easier.Poacher have to send word off a gun, which was incredibly loud, which would scare deer off and let any game warden inwardly 10 miles aware that something illigal was taking place. now we have givin poachers an easy route, a virtually silent sidesplitting machine. A poacher can kill a deer in a natioal park and no one would e ver know they was there. However, some might say people could still poach with crossbow in front they legalized them, and this is true, entirely now everyonne having crossbows in there truck on there way back from hunting puts a whole lot more pressure on the fact that they can take a long quite shot on a big deer on the side of the road.Its forever in the back of every hunters mind when they see a deer on the side of the road, but now were giving every hunter the ultimate tool of being able to illigally shoot a deer with ease. Lastly but not least its teaching our newer genereation the improper way of hunting. Now were implying in our kids heads that its okay to shoot a deer at 80 yards with a crossbow. thats not right, they should hae to shot a regular bow and earn the deer instead of just pulling the trigger with these new crossbows.Its passing inmportant to teach our kids good hunting skills like when to pul the bow back, how you have to make sure the deer isnt smell at you , but with corssbows it doesnt matter they just pull the trigger like a gun. I cerebrate we are abusing the right to use them. I think people with a physical disability should be the only ones legal to hunt with crossbows. not giving one to a teenager who just wants to go kill 20 deer just to say he did.Make kids and for that matter everyone go out and learn the right way with a real bow and arrow. I think we are ruinging the sport of hunting by allowing anyone use a crossbow to hunt deer. Its taking all the sport out of hunting, making illigally poaching deer like a walk in the park, and also teaching the newer genereations of hunters the wrong way to hunt.. There a lot of facts to support my claims, its a no brainer that the national hunting assosoation made the wrong decicsion by passing the law that crossbows are legal for anyone.

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The Definition of Success Essay Example for Free

The Definition of conquest EssaySuccessThe Ameri pot Dream is a large house, a speedy car, and financial freedom. For whatever, it includes a boat, a RV, and a cottage by the lake. However, other definition of achievement doesnt list any of these. Success does not do anything to do with sensible goods but is rather tied to broader concepts.One measure of success is how happy a person is. For some tidy sum, they might feel their happiest when they have luxurious items. However, this is not universally true and is consequently not a true measure of success. Happiness for most people is a happy and loving family. If this is someones definition of success, then their family is what defines their success. For some, this success might mean trying new things and a lifestyle that supports it. Success is tied in with happiness because they atomic number 18 both highly subjective.Health can also be considered a defining factor in success. People feel unsuccessful if they, or someo ne they love, are not healthy. For instance, can father feel successful if his child is ill? This is why doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and hospitals are so important. Not only do they allow people to live longer, but they also allow people to feel successful in their life.Finally, success can mean overcoming hardships. No one likes hard and spotty times with tears and pain. Someone who has come through the pain often feels like he or she has accomplished something. An individual that has overcome an obstacle achieves a measure of success. As David Brinkley has stated, a man can be proud if he has laid a firm foundation with the bricks others have thrown at him. The most valuable lessons can come from failures. Like Dale Carnegie said, Discouragement and failure are two of the surest stepping stones to success. And who could generalize the meaning of success if they did not experience disappointment? Light would not exist with reveal darkness and success would not be truly achieved without failure. But we all hope that this failure is only temporary.People necessity to achieve success and make plans to reach it. However, with anarrow interpretation of success, many people have no chance of finding it. They will continue to find themselves going the wrong way, missing out on opportunities, and happy moments along the way.

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Luxury Brands Essay Example for Free

Luxury discolorations EssayLuxury Brands What Are They Doing About Social Responsibility? David S. Waller, market Discipline Group, University of Technology Sydney Anurag G. Hingorani, Marketing Discipline Group, University of Technology Sydney Abstract Although sumptuosity fulls may be interchangeable with extravagance, lavishness, and even waste, it may appear to be a contradiction that a number of companies that manufacture and give away luxury brands energise also discovered the value of being socially responsible. With growing condemnation of the gamey costs and exploitation in the manufacture of luxury goods, some companies are increasing the outcome to which unified social obligation and sustainability issues feature in their business practices. This paper will look at the issues regarding luxury brands and social responsibility, and will focus on LVMH Mot Hennessy Louis Vuitton, the worlds largest luxury goods conglomerate. first appearance Despite the recent global financial crisis and continuing economic troubles worldwide, sales of luxury brands are growing. match to the Luxury Goods Worldwide Market Study, luxury spending in 2011 rose 8% to 185 billion ($US274 billion) in 2011, with growth in the US, Europe and China, which was after a fall in sales in 2008 and 2009 (Holmes 2011). Brand names like Chanel, Yves St Laurent, Louis Vuitton and Tiffany Co. have become ho practisehold names and brands that some mass aspire to leverage and wear. However, luxury brands have also been often criticised for being extravagant, overpriced, exploiting third world suppliers, and wasteful when many people are struggling financially. As luxury brands promote themselves to the global audience, some companies are increasing the extent to which corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sustainability issues feature in their business practices.This paper will explore the issues link to luxury brands and social responsibility, with a particular focus on LVMH Mot Hennessy Louis Vuitton, the worlds largest luxury goods conglomerate which includes internationally recognised brands such as Christian Dior, TAG Heuer, Fendi, Marc Jacobs, Guerlain, Kenzo and Givenchy. A kernel analysis of the 2010 Annual cogitation will reveal the CSR initiatives/activities undertaken by LVMH and some implications for CSR disclosure will be discussed.Background Since some embarrassing corporate ethical and financial disasters, many organisations are taking go to improve their corporate regime activity, ethical practice and CSR activities (Agrawal and Chadha, 2005 Margolis and Walsh, 2001). There has been particular relate in CSR, in which thither is a concern for the impact of all of the corporations activities on the total welfare of society (Bowman and Haire, 1976, p. 13). CSR activities and disclosure have increased with organisations identifying different types of CSR initiatives that they undertake, including those that relate to work output , HR activities, social/community commitment, and environmental initiatives (Gray, Owen and Maunders, 1987 Luo and Bhattacharya, 2006 Waller 2009 Waller and Lanis, 2009). These CSR activities can suspensor promote a specific determine that management would like to portray to its various stakeholders, and counter criticism for other issues that may affect the company.The luxury industry thrives on the creation of an image and the communication of brandassociations. This contributes to the interest in luxury brands by many consumers who might want to portray a particular image or feel a certain way by acquiring and consuming luxury goods and services. not tho consumers but also academic and industry researchers areinterested in luxury brands (Bendell and Kleanthous 2007 Fionda and Moore 2009 Kapferer and Bastien 2009 Phau and Prendergast 2000). virtually consumers prefer to purchase a wellknown, reputable brand over a cheaper, unknown brand, especially when do highinvolvement pur chases, or products that reflect a buyers personality. Luxury provides selfexpression which reflects class, status, and quality. However, at a time when there is increasing unemployment, economic troubles around the world, and a downturn in sales, there is a concern that a luxury brand is elitist and uncaring for the wider community.In 2007, the WWF-UK measured 10 luxury brands on their environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance and the brands did not fair well (Bendell and Kleanthous 2007). In relation to the marketing of luxury brands in a world of rich and poor, the report states Luxury brands are experiencing rapid expansion in societies that contain twain very rich and very poor people. Such societies can view displays of conspicuous consumption as a threat to social cohesion. This is true, for example, in China, where the authorities in Beijing have banned the use of billboards to advertise luxury products and services. In this context, the credibility of luxury products and services will be derived from their ability to cave in wellbeing, not only for consumers, but also for those involved in (or affected by) their production, use, reuse and disposal.The report bedded the top 10 largest luxury goods companies on an environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance ranking. This was based on (1) what the companies report to the community and (2) what media and non-governmental organisations have said about the companies. The companies were given a score out of 100, and graded from A (the best) to F (the worst). Out of the 10 companies, none were graded more than a C+ with LOreal topping the ranking, followed by Herms and Louis Vuitton.By being more proactive in their civic responsibilities and keeping within government regulations in their business operations, an organisation can build a reputation as a good corporate citizen. Some CSR activities that luxury brands can undertake include eco-friendly ingredient sourcing, fair pricing , eco-manufacture, and efficient non-wasteful distribution, as well as corporate sponsorship. This study will examine the CSR activities run by LVMH Mot Hennessy Louis Vuitton, the worlds largest luxury goods conglomerate, via a content analysis of the LVMH 2010 Annual Report. The main company info about LVMH is found in Table 1.Table 1 LVMH Mot Hennessy Louis Vuitton Company training Luxury goods, retail Industry Founded Headquarters Products Brands 1987 Paris, France Clothing, cosmetics, fashion accessories, jewellery, perfumes, spirits, watches and wines Includes Mot et Chandon, Hennessy, Glenmorangie, Fendi, Donna Karan, Givenchy, Kenzo, Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs, Parfums Christian Dior, Guerlain, Bulgari, TAG Heuer, Zenith, Hublot, DFS, Le Bon March 20.32 billion 3.032 billion 83,540 Methodology Organisations can communicate their CSR information through a revolution of sources such as advertising, annual reports, public relations and their websites. In this study, the annu al report was analysed as this is the only document produced regularly to comply with regulatory requirements and is central to the organisations own image (Gray, Kouhy and Lavers 1995). afterwards finding the LVMH 2010 annual report online from the company website (www.lvmh.com), a search was made for a social responsibility section in the report.

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Article Public Opinion of Police by Different Ethnic Group Essay Example for Free

Article Public Opinion of Police by opposite Ethnic Group EssayDown though the years there has always been tension and an on and off relationship amid the community they serve and rightfulness of nature enforcement agencies. And as with any relationship amongst two people there are misunderstanding, break-up and disagreements and the same is with the relationship between the community and its law enforcement agencies plainly just with any relationship at days end both the community and law enforcement have and share common concerns such as justice and deterrence. With legion(predicate) of communities in America being incursion of immigrants within the last few decades with this incursion of immigrants many communities are being bombard with so many new language and cultures diversity. Because of this wide range of ethni urban center now living within many the walls of our communities and connection on a whole now have different opinions and views of law enforcement. No w due to the unlike ethnicities flooding our communities the author will investigate how a few of these ethnicity groups like African Americans, Asians and the Hispanics neighborhoods views racial profiling, favouritism and past experience with law enforcement agencies.Taking a look at the traumatized relationship and association between the two, as well as the interaction and reaction from the law enforcement agencies and the communities they serve. Since the conception of the law enforcement agencies pelt along has broad since been a vital playing card in policing. Even with the knowledge, awareness and understanding of this there has been few improvement but not enough. Racial opus of law enforcement alongside the racial outline of arrest, the advertise in the bod of arrest of non- minority like gabardine by non-white law enforcement police officers, while there were lower numbers of arrest by the same officers on other ethnic groups. On the put together side of that coi n, more.Caucasian officers had a boost in the number of non-white arrest in comparison to the number of arrest involving Caucasians. Race has been a polarizingelement the in the society of America for years. And this is e genuinely so prevalent within the criminal justice system. Clashes involving both the communities and law enforcement are the flashpoint for practically every current inner- city riot. Ethnic Groups The raise of culture variety and immigration has from time to time made interaction with law enforcement difficult. Hispanics and Asian neighborhoods are ofttimes apprehensive of law enforcement officers due to their past occurrence.Their past incidents vary from their mother country of origin that was overwhelmed by civil unrest and war. This included exploitation of power by those of authority as well as much dishonesty within law enforcement agencies of that country. For this cause many minorities groups have a apprehension and more often than not an aversion to law enforcement officers. Like within the Hispanic neighborhoods, they often feel that law enforcement agents differentiates them by racial profiling them all because of their nationality.In Arizona this is a very contentious SB 1070 unlawful migration bill that passed given law enforcement agents the power and authority to inquire of legitimate individual (Hispanic) of proof of documentation of legal right to be in America. This law is being adopt in other states as well like New Jersey and Texas, any where there is a high population of Hispanics. IthasbeenreportedbytwoethnicgroupsAfricanAmericansandHispanic/Latinos affirm subordinate levels of agreement concerning their relationship with police officers as compared to those of their counterpart Caucasians. African Americans and Hispanic/Latinos claims that there is less willingness to obey and to follow orders given by authorities especially of Caucasian origin.Racial profiling has consistently been one of the most confounding, div isive and controversial issues the police department confronts. A perception that police target members of specific ethnic or racial groups creates a deep river basin between the police and the communities we serve. But as an officer who has spent a lot of time patrolling the citys streets, I just dont think the perception is accurate. (Dutta, 2010) True racial profiling, in which people are targeted solely because of race or ethnicity, is both illegal and immoral. It destroys public trust and reduces the effectiveness of the police.There is no place for it in law enforcement. And I firmly believe that most LAPD officers support that viewpoint. Even the reported statement of the officer that he couldnt do his job without racial profiling was most likely misinterpreted. (Dutta, 2010) Differentiation between minorities and Caucasians is how they cerebrate and response to law enforcement agents and how fairly or unjustly he or she feels their treatment was. This is a how many African Americans and Hispanic/Latinos responded when asked by authorities regarding their relationship with law enforcement agencies this is less equality than when Caucasians reported.

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Reservoirs of Infection Essay Example for Free

Reservoirs of Infection EssayNasal carriage is the principal reservoir, and penurious colonization of the exclusive patient is the harbinger of subsequent contagious disease. Health fearfulness workers atomic number 18 propounded to be potential reservoirs. Hand carriage and nasal carriage both are responsible, and they can be transient or persistent. For healthcare workers, the environment of care may function as a reservoir of colonization and infection. The body sites of the patients in the care units may specifically colonize bacteria.These include respiratory tract, any site on the skin much(prenominal) as surgical sites, burns, pressure sores, tracheotomy sites, sites of other foreign bodies, and normal skin, and the perineum and the rectum. In these settings, nasal swabs are inadequate, and horticulture of the wounds, tracheostomy sites, and sputum may be useful. Environmental contamination in a hospital has been cognise reservoirs, and virtually any surface, appl iance, and instruments in the care setting may be suspected, but they seem to accept insignificant roles in transmission of infection (Graffunder, E.M. and Venezia, R. A. , 2002).Modes of Transmission The principal mode of transmission within an cornerstone is from one colonized or infected patient to another via the hands of the healthcare workers, even though he or she is transiently colonized. Hospital acquired pneumonia that happens with MRSA is thought to be transmitted through air-borne infection (Graffunder, E. M. and Venezia, R. A. , 2002). wangle Handwashing is a time-honoured principle of routine infection prevention and control and is considered to be effective in eliminating transient hand contamination with MRSA and other pathogens acquired from patients or the environment. A simple 10-second hand wash with grievous bodily harm and water can ascertain absence of the bacteria from the contaminated hands in most of the cases. However, povidone unity or alcohol is bette r washing agent (Graffunder, E. M. and Venezia, R. A. , 2002). Prescription Decreasing broad-spectrum antibiotic therapy can subjugate the risk of MRSA.Nursing workloads need to be maintained as reasonable level so as to maintain standard hygiene that reduces chances of infection. Drugs, such as, vancomycin is indicated in uncomplicated cases of MRSA. The other antibiotics that are recommended are tetracyclines or cotrimoxazole. Minocycline is overly active against MRSA. Linezolid is recommended in skin and soft tissue infections caused by MRSA. Clindamycin is also an effective antibiotic, and a combination of rifampicin and fusidic acid and daptomycin have been found to be effective in such cases (Gemmell, C.G. et al. , 2006), (French, G. L. , (2006). Conclusion MRSA is a threat, and this threat has been caused by the genetic make up of the bacteria and iatrogenic reasons. harsh hygienic measures in the healthcare facilities, awareness of this threat by the healthcare profession als, and appropriate management of MRSA infection along with surveillance still can reduce the spread and epidemic nature of these infections.ReferencesBrown, D. B. J. et al. , (2005).Guidelines for the laboratory diagnosis and susceptibility testing of methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) on behalf of the Joint Working Party of the British social club for antimicrobial Chemotherapy, Hospital Infection Society and Infection Control Nurses Association. J. Antimicrob. Chemother. 56 1000 1018. Enright, M. C. et al. , (2002). The evolutionary history of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA). PNAS, 99 7687 7692. French, G. L. , (2006). Bactericidal agents in the treatment of MRSA infectionsthe potential role of daptomycin. J. Antimicrob.Chemother. 58 1107 1117. Gemmell, C. G. et al. , (2006). Guidelines for the prophylaxis and treatment of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) infections in the UK on behalf of the Joint Working Party of the British Society for Antimicrobial Chemotherapy, Hospital Infection Society and Infection Control Nurses Association. J. Antimicrob. Chemother. 57 589 608. Graffunder, E. M. and Venezia, R. A. , (2002). Risk factors associated with nosocomial methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) infection including previous use of antimicrobials. J. Antimicrob.Chemother. 49 999 1005. Huang, H. et al. , (2006). Comparisons of Community-Associated Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) and Hospital-Associated MSRA Infections in Sacramento, California. J. Clin. Microbiol. 44 2423 2427. Johnson, A. P. , Pearson, A. , and Duckworth, G. , (2005). Surveillance and epidemiology of MRSA bacteraemia in the UK. J. Antimicrob. Chemother. 56 455 462. Millar, B. C. , Prendergast, B. D. , and Moore, J. E. , (2008). Community-associated MRSA (CA-MRSA) an emerging pathogen in infective endocarditis. J. Antimicrob. Chemother. 61 1 7.

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Book Summary Essay Example for Free

Book Summary EssayThe book I chose to get wind was When I Say No, I Feel Guilty by Manuel J. Smith. The first thing to stand divulge to me in this book was it seemed a little outdated. Even though the writing style and the examples appeared to be from a different era, I was still able to see how different points were relevant today and to me person solelyy. This title screamed my physique when I was browsing the list of choices because no matter what I am saying no to, I al focusings feel guilty. From the first moment that we can feel and translate emotions, we defend been manipulated by others.We have gr receive up under the sense that we should feel certain ways about particular actions. We exit to a chore when we are young, we should feel guilty. We bring a bad grade home on out report card, we should be scared of getting in trouble. Many activities are labeled each good or bad and we should portray emotions to match. As a manager, you should try to keep commands or sta tements neutral. A neutral statement is one that doesnt assign the label of good or bad to a behavior so the recipient will not feel manipulated.Everyday, people try to manipulate you into doing what they unavoidableness by making you feel nervous, uninformed, or blameworthy. If you let them push you around you will feel frustrated, hot or depressed. When you permit others to control your actions, you renounce your sense of personal responsibility. Smith states that the first step in fixing the situation is to know that no one can manipulate your emotions or behavior if you put one overt on the wholeow it to happen. Also, following the Bill of Assertive Rights will help lead to non-manipulative relationships in all situations.The corrects are the basis for all healthy relationships and are listed as You have the dependable to judge your own behavior, thoughts and emotions, and to take the responsibility for their initiation and consequences upon yourself. You have the right t o offer no reasons or excuses for justifying your behavior. You have the right to judge if you are responsible for finding solutions to other peoples problems. You have the right to transport your mind. You have the right to make mistakes and be responsible for them. You have the right to say, I dont know.You have the right to be independent of the goodwill of others before coping with them. You have the right to be illogical in making decisions. You have the right to say, I dont bring in. You have the right to say, I dont care. The first right is the foundation of all of the remaining rights. When you become your own judge, you help to build a barrier against habit. Judgements should be based on your values and not external systems of what is right or wrong. People base their manipulative actions on the persuasion that you should live up to their rules.If you are accepting of this situation, you spread out yourself up to a limitless variety of manipulation. literary reflecti on is a common tool people use to get someone to behave according to their standards. Reactions to criticism can be blackball with anxiety, denial, and defensiveness. Learning to take criticism in a constructive path helps to avoid manipulation. Verbal coping methods to help accept criticism effectively are fogging, negative assertion, and negative inquiry. Fogging is when you only agree to the truths in a statement and respond to what someone has specifically stated sooner than what is implied.A negative assertion is statement that takes responsibility for something you have done wrong. It takes courage to make a negative assertion and say, Im sorry. Last, using negative inquiry encourages the critic to reply assertively instead of manipulatively. This tactic is typically used to ask for additional information about a critique. thither are also different types of relationships that fall into three categories, commercial, authority, and equality. Basic verbal sciences used to mini mize manipulation do not change as problems are handled throughout these different relationships.Commercial relationships are understandably defined with a contract. Since this type of relationship follows a defined structure an assertive verbal skill works most effectively. In an authority relationship there is one person in outpouring while the other is not. Authority based relationships emphasize finding compromises that grow on existing interpersonal dynamic. Both parties are equal in an equality relationship. This relationship is the most informal and tends to have everything open for discussion. Thoughtful open communication reassures people that you will not hinder their decision making, even if you whitethorn disagree.The main concept I took away from this book is, its my life and what happens in it is all in all up to me I will not cower when I face manipulation. My reactions to particular situations can pave the way for a disaster or a triumph. We must always be in touch with candor to promote our own well-being and happiness. We also have to accept the possibility that changing our mind is completely normal and healthy. Keeping the Assertive Bill of Rights in mind will help to stand up against manipulation and keep our dignity, self-respect, and control over our own behavior.

Business Psychology Essay Example for Free

Business psychology EssayIn this era of globalization, every organization mustiness design its own dodge in terms of running its business at excellent level to survive and stay in emulation. theatrical role factors of higher demands that addressed to organizations are emergence of free market which means that competitors are not barely from the local market but also come from organizations all over the world, technological advances that authentic quickly over time also has role in higher demands that has been exposed to organizations in determining that everyone at heart the organization must be compatible with the rapid development of technological advances at their workplace. Intense competition environment as already mentioned above certainly lead to turn tailencies for organizations in emerging innovations, creativities, enhancement of added value, proceeds excellences, competitive prices and acceleration of process business plot as an objective to be the winner in competing with other organizations.A paradigm shifting in the design of the organizational strategies is necessary to be developed by organizations in order to survive in spite of the free market enforcement. One of the strategies that suffer be applied is building an effective squad in the organization, the transformation in working method acting from mortal to team work as the main focus must bring psychological set up for every individual in the organization. Every member in the organization is forced to be part of their team, regardless to their preference to work as individual or as a team.This phenomenon also brings the half mask effect each member in the organization will be evaluated not merely for their field of view competencies related to their job performance, but also personal competencies related to perform effectively as a team member (team work competencies) will be evaluated by the organization. In the realizationof forming an effective team, more(prenomin al) than one strategy related to competencies in team building, which are parts of the business psychology area, must be combined in a synchronous way.Business psychology can be enforce as a source in intent and implementing an organizational strategy, especially for the accentuation in ar extendment individual behavior and self improvement basis when they are put and work together in a team. in that location some business psychology focuses that can be utilise in designing a strategy which at the end also can be use as references in building personal competencies needed in order to perform as an effective team. These are the full focuses1. Perception and personal realityEvery individual has cognitive limitation in responding to randomness that they received, as a result of that phenomenon, they are forced to pick information selectively regarding to which received information associated as valuable and which is invaluable, which data that will be taken to the next level of i nformation process. Related to selectivity process, individual tend to use heuristic process, an information processing which characterized by incomplete usage of given data, only base on general issues and experiences, and all those information processed quickly. This information processing form has authority in bringing biases, misunderstanding, and inaccurate result in processing information.Based on the implementation of information processing above, in interacting with other individual, stereotypes and expectations emerged. Stereotyping is a judgment processing of someone that made only base on perceptions to the group where they can be categorized. Expectations from each individual not always positively responded by the other party where they are interacting with each other. Expectations also correlate with communication styles that will be used in interactions.2. Team chargeIn building an effective team, many approaches must be used and collaborated in a synchronous way. Defining roles in each team member is an important tone for balancing the roles of team members in order to optimize the teams outcomes and coherence. One of the modellings that can be used in describing team roles in details is team roles model by Belbin An effective team, in the process basis is characterized by these indication processes active listening, sacramental manduction leadership, taking turn-not interrupting, positive reframing, rescuing eac others views, spontaneous and open praise and elaboration of ongoing ideas. In terms of their task performance, an effective team is characterized by these indication processes analyzing, focus on results, reflecting, open rejection-goal oriented, open rejection-based on data, seeking opinion, seeking light and closure.There are some important key behavior in an effective team, such as open communication, usual respect, shared output responsibility, agreement through consensus, active disagreement, clear individual responsibilit ies and roles, curb own goals to group objectives, engender high team morale, receptive to new ideas and change, and constructive and supported feedback.There are cardinal applicable models that can be useful in order to design the strategy for establishing an effective team, and they are Jungian model and Tjosvold model.a. Jungian Modelb. The Ideal Team System by TjosvoldSharing organizational expectations, business strategies and visions, corevalues, organizational cultures and organizational objectives, can be defined as envisioning. Showing interest about team members visions, task clearances, valuing intercultural differences, and transferring the idea of the team ships paradigm immensity are efforts in uniting the team. Bringing out loyalties, responsibilities, knowing emf of team members and assigning them based on that, and motivate them when they need motivation are characteristics in the empowering step. aft(prenominal) being empowered, exploration in discovering line s and focusing on finding solutions can be established, diversities can be managed in finding the outmatch solution, and all that will raise the teams awareness to the importance of learning over time to have the upper hand in the market competition. After the best solution is reached, reflecting what the team has been through at every step of the cycle above can be very important as the source of any plan or step that needs to be revised on the next period in order to perform as an effective team.3. contradict resolutionThere are some causes of engagements that usually appear in organizations competition, scarcity of resources, interdependence/dependency, conflict in objectives and tasks, differences of opinion and of influence, differences in status, cultural differences, change, misperception, miscommunication, different ways of seeing things, personal preferences, pace of response, range of response and form of response, individual differences and emotional defenses. Traditio nally, from all causes of conflicts that mentioned above, individual differences and emotional defenses are the main issues in organizations.In traffic with conflicts, there are three natural reactions that are usually expected from the individuals pertain striking back (leads to escalation, potentially damaging the kind), giving in (usually results in poor outcome, can be seen as rewarding bad behavior), and breaking off (sometimes can be beneficial, often very costly, headfirst and regretted).Regarding to conflict resolution, application of negotiation competencies can be very useful. There are five stages in negotiation process orientation, position taking, search for solutions, crisis/deadlock, settlement and finalization. It is important to each team member to signalize their position in those stages that are related in optimizing conflict resolution process. By knowing and sharing their each position, they can build the same perceptions in finding the best conflict resolu tion scheme.principled approach is a combined technique in negotiation from soft and hard style of positional bargaining. In this approach, participants are problem solvers, the goal is a wise outcome reached amicably and efficiently, people and the problem must be separated, must be soft on the people and hard on the problem, autarkic of trust is proceed, the focus is on interests not the positions, interests are being explored, having a bottom line is avoided, options for mutual gain are invented, sixfold options are developed, the use of objective criteria is insisted, a result is reached based on standards independent of will, there is tendency to be open to reasons and yield to principle, not pressure.Conflicts can lead to drop delays, missed market opportunities, confused communication, inconsistent information, teams fail and difficult to retain good staff. Considering the effects of unsolved conflict, there are three category first order effects (quantifiable) can be co unted by employee replacement cost, including termination costs and recruitment, second order effects (harder to quantify) which can be observed by increased supervision or management activities , and third order effect (impossible to quantify) when its already revealed in peaceable aggressive behaviors.Look moreproblem focused coping essayThere are two types of conflict task focused, which is characterized by differences of views and opinions, based on facts and reasoning, and related to intellectual matters. The other type is relationship focused conflict, characterized by anchored in personal differences, influenced by history/assumptions, and related to feelings and emotions. There is a model by Thomas Kilmann which explained deliberately about correlation betweenassertiveness and cooperativeness in dealing with conflict.4. Decision makingThere are two types of decision making process that people tend to implement, they are width (diverging) and depth (converging). Diverging ty pe is characterized by some points seeking options/strategies, works with multiple perspectives, requires more options, considering new ideas, combining options/lateral ideas, and creative suggestions. On the other hand, converging type is characterized by seeking consensus, seeking clarification, seeking structure, review based on new information, analytical, making inferences, assess consequences based on data, strong defense of viewpoint, clear decisions and outcomes. The usage of both types can be based on the situation that the decision making processes is taking place in the organization. Combination of width and depth are expected and can be the best option in decision making process.

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Contract Law Case Study

Contract Law Case Study secern ILINUS WISHES TO swear out CHARLIEOn what ironual intellect could he treat?Linus could sue Charlie on the grounds of the mailbox formula/postal rule, since a father was created on June 15, 2009 when Linus wrote back to Charlie accepting the offer, non when it was genuine. Once the mode of talk is the mail, an acceptance becomes valid when it is dispatched or placed in the control of the US Postal service, non when it is reliable by the offeror.will Linus digest?Yes, Linus allow harbor even though the promise was non communicated to the offeror, it does not prevent the contract from being created.What if whatsoever defenses, contractual arguments or claims would Charlie devote?Charlies defense for a counterclaim should include the fact that while Linus accepted the offer in a timely fashion, the acceptance did not correspond with the offer, when Linus requested to change the original offer that changed the terms of the agreement and an offer in peerless set of terms basis hardly be accepted by a communication in different terms.Will Charlie prevail?Yes, and to reiterate that an acceptance of a contract means that nothing should be added to the offer, even if it is consistent or similar to the offer. The offeree must accept unequivocally without changing the original offer.CHARLIE WISHES TO serve THE VETOn what contractual grounds could he sue?Charlie could sue on the grounds that while at that place was an exculpatory clause on the receipt releasing Vet department store from li talent in connection with the treatment of Snoopy and Woodstock, that did not waive the veterinarians standard of c are owed to the patients. This unconscionable clause is rescindable for reasons of public policy, because a party may not exempt themselves from liability from a duty obligate on them by a statute for their negligence in the mathematical process of a duty enforce upon them by legality. Charlie could recover for int entional infliction of emotional distress for harm to Woodstock.Will he prevail?Yes, the veterinarians conduct was unprofessional, when he endangered the health and welfare of Woodstock due to unreasonable safety.What if any defenses, contractual arguments or counterclaims would the Vet come?The veterinarian may assert that the exculpatory agreement which was part of the receipt waived Charlies honest to sue for injuries on the grounds that the extended boarding services provided was not a primary economic consumption of the veterinarians place and when Charlie used these services, he did so voluntarily.Will he prevail?Probably not, while waivers are customarily part of a boarding agreement, they are unenforceable in many jurisdictions.SALLY WISHES TO carry through THE VETOn what contractual grounds could she sue?She could sue on the grounds of breach of a unilateral contract. Once an offer has been made such as when Vet Emporium posted the advertizement all over the area of a reward for the come of Woodstock, acceptance of that contract was satisfied when Woodstock was build by fissure. Once Sally performed the causation, the offeror was contractually obliged to pay her.Will she prevail?Possibly, on that point might be an issue with the way in which she returned Woodstock. She probably should have taken him to Vet Emporium to collect the reward.What if any defenses or contractual arguments would the Vet have?Vet Emporium could deal that Sally was not obligated to the reward since she did not return Woodstock to their office.Will they prevail?Yes, this was bod spring contract that stipulated that Woodstock had to be returned to Vet Emporium in order to collect the $50.00 reward.THE VET WISHES TO SUE CHARLIEOn what contractual grounds could he sue?He could sue for failure of payment for services rendered to Snoopy.Will he prevail?Yes, payment is still due for caring of Snoopy.What if any defenses or contractual arguments would Charlie have?In defe nse, Charlie could state that because of the veterinarians negligence Snoopy suffered emotional loneliness when Woodstock flew away, he should be awarded damages.Will he prevail?Yes. Compensatory damages rouse be awarded for the breach of contract.SALLY WISHES TO SUE CHARLIEOn what contractual grounds could she sue?Sally could sue Charlie for refusing to pay as agreed, for caring for Woodstock.Will she prevail?Yes, Charlie expressed orally that he would reimburse Sally $100.00 for purpose and caring of Woodstock.What if any defenses or contractual arguments would Charlie have?None, Sally pass judgment payment for service and Charlie should have known that payment was expected.Will he prevail?No, Charlie could have picked up Woodstock without offering to reimburse Sally. He committed himself to the payment.LUCY WISHES TO SUE LINUSOn what contractual grounds could she sue?Lucy can sue Linus for compensatory damages for the loss of bargain of the work that he was to perform.Will she prevail?Yes, she can sue Linus for breach to recover the additional $325.00 in compensatory damages and for other fees incurred to obtain performance from another source.What if any defenses or contractual arguments would Linus have?Linus could vie that the breach was unintentional and was based upon the reliance of a contract with another party.Will he prevail?No. Regardless of the circumstances, he still breached his contract with Lucy.PART IISCHROEDER V LUCYOn what contractual grounds could he sue?Schroeder could sue on the grounds that he was not advised to obtain his own independent counsel to have the document reviewed in the lead signing the prenuptial agreement. He could sue that the agreement was unconscionable when it was executed and, he was not provided a fair and reasonable disclosure of the property or financial obligations of the other party and he did not have, or reasonably could not have had, an adequate knowledge of the property or financial obligations of the other party.Will he prevail?The resulted outcome can go either way, prenuptial agreements are routinely upheld and enforced by courts in virtually all states, even if only one party had an lawyer (In re Marriage of Bonds 2000) however, there are circumstances in which courts have refused to enforce certain portions and provisions of such agreements(Estate of Lutz 1997).What if any defenses, contractual arguments or counterclaims would Lucy have?Lucys defense would be that while her actions were not praiseful they did not negate the voluntary nature of the execution. A unilateral promise such as to demoralize Schroeder a new piano if he will marry must be in writing. such statements were not included in her prenuptial agreement. Lucy could also argue that it is Schroeders responsibility to delay the signing of an agreement that may not be understood.Will Lucy prevail?Yes, she acted appropriately and retained counsel on her behalf.LUCY V LAWYEROn what contractual grounds could s he sue?She could sue the attorney for negligent misconduct, malpractice and misrepresentation by c at one timealment of not informing her of his status to practice law. The attorney violated state statues which prohibits the unauthorized practice of law and suspension for failure to pay bar fees.Will she prevail?Yes, many states have statues that hang attorneys from practicing law for failure to pay their bar fees. Failure to pay the annual license fee will automatically suspend the delinquent lawyer from the practicing law in that state.What if any defenses, contractual arguments or counterclaims would the attorney have?None, he violated a state statue, and committed a fraud by practicing law knowing that his license may be suspend for not paying his bar dues. He shouldnt have any defenses available because he engaged in double-faced misrepresentation that was detrimental to public policy.Will he prevail in his defenses or his counterclaims?No. Technically, all the work that he might have done while not in the possession of a valid license might be subverted.PIGPEN V MARCIEOn what contractual grounds could he sue?Pigpen could sue Marcie for duplicitous misrepresentation the facts for impuissance to disclose that they is an insect infestation, when she informed Pigpen that there was no insect chore in her home. Pigpen could also sue for recovery of his earnest money that he gave to Marcie.Will he prevail?Yes. Marcie failed to comply with the full performance of the contract.What if any defenses, contractual arguments or counterclaims could Marcie have?Marcie can argue substantial complete performance by getting rid of the insect infestation.Will she prevail in his defenses or her counterclaims?No. The paradox with insect infestation cannot be easily corrected and intentionally failing to comply with the terms is a breach of contract. She intentionally withheld pertinent information from Pigpen about the setting of her home in regards to insects.LUCY V MARCIEOn what contractual grounds could she sue?Pigpen could sue Marcie for fraudulent misrepresentation the facts for failing to disclose that they is an insect infestation, when she informed Pigpen that there was no insect problem in her home. Pigpen could also sue for recovery of his earnest money that he gave to Marcie.Will he prevail?Yes. Marcie failed to comply with the full performance of the contract.What if any defenses, contractual arguments or counterclaims could Marcie have?Marcie can argue substantial complete performance by getting rid of the insect infestation.Will she prevail in his defenses or her counterclaims?No. The problem with insect infestation cannot be easily corrected and intentionally failing to comply with the terms is a breach of contract. She intentionally withheld pertinent information from Pigpen about the condition of her home in regards to insects.LUCY V MARCIEOn what contractual grounds could she sue?None, Marcie placed a condition upon which the sale would go forward if the sale of her existing home met the conditions outlined.Will she prevail?No. Since Marcie was unable to secure a buyer for her home, the offer to buy Lucys home is voided on the grounds that the condition preceded her arbitrary duty to buy.What if any defenses, contractual arguments or counterclaims could Marcie have?Marcie could use the defense that she placed the condition precedent in her contract that she would buy Lucys home upon the sale of her own home for $300,000 or more inside 30 days.Will she prevail in her defenses or her counterclaims?Yes, if no one pays the price she has established deep down the period indicated, the agreement to buy Lucys home will fail because the condition precedent was not met.MOMS V SCHROEDEROn what contractual grounds could they sue Schroeder?The moms can sue on the grounds of personalised performance because they did not consent to the change. The moms can claim that delegation was not effective because the studen ts complained about eucalyptus gum cakes ability and that materially altered their expectations.On what contractual grounds could they sue Peppermint Patty?They could sue Peppermint Patty for breach of her duty. Special trust was placed on her performance based on the personal skills of Schroeder.Will they prevail?Yes. Contractual duties cannot be delegated. The performance by Peppermint Patty varied materially from what was expected. Also, a delegation of duties does not relieve Schroeder of his obligations under the contract.What if any defenses or contractual arguments would Schroeder have?None, once Peppermint Patty failed to perform then Schroeder is liable to the moms.Will he prevail?No, the assumption of duty by Peppermint Patty varied materially from what was expected.Could he sue Peppermint Patty?Schroeder can sue Peppermint Patty for breach of contract and performance of duty.PEPPERMINT PATTY V SCHROEDEROn what contractual grounds could she sue Schroeder?Peppermint Patty could sue Schroeder for payment of services rendered. Regardless of the fact, that the duties were not performed to the satisfaction of the moms, she still completed her obligation.Will she prevail?Possibly, personal satisfaction of the party must be fulfilled in order for a court to rule, unless the expression of dissatisfaction is to avoid payment.What if any defenses or contractual arguments would Schroeder have?Schroeder could argue that Peppermint Patty did not perform to the satisfaction of the moms and therefore performance was not satisfied and the condition was not fulfilled.Will he prevail?Yes, the breach was material since the performance was not at least substantial.Could he sue Peppermint Patty?Yes, he could sue Peppermint Patty for breach of contract of nonperformance of a contractual duty.PART IIIOnce the offer was accepted by Linus from Charlie using the mailbox rule, the contract was valid and became effective upon acceptance. Linus is entitled to the $500 originall y offered by Charlie. Vet Emporiums is already bound by contract to perform a certain duty and should not be compensated for their negligence of duty, but should remedy Charlie for the loss and harm they caused Woodstock. It would not be responsible for Vet Emporium to compensate Sally for the return of Woodstock because the advertisement posted contained conditional precedent for the return to their office. Sally is entitled to the payment of $100 from Charlie since he orally expressed his intentions to reimburse Sally for finding and caring of Woodstock. Lucy should recover an additional $325.00 in compensatory damages and for other fees incurred to obtain performance from another source. Schroeder sign the prenuptial agreement voluntarily and the promises made by Lucy were not stipulated in the agreement so there are no grounds for compensation. Lucy should pay the attorney because of his negligence, malpractice and misrepresentation to practice law. Lucys attorney should be su spended for failure to pay his bar dues and the courts in the state where he practices should review all his cases. Pigpen should received compensation of his earnest money funds from Marcie and the contract should be voided for breach by Marcie. Lucys contract with Marcie is void because of the conditional precedent that Marcie placed upon the offer. Without the sale of her home, there is no valid contract with Lucy. The moms had a flop from Schroeder to perform his contractual duty and should be compensated nominally for damages suffered. Peppermint Patty performed her obligations under this contract and Schroeder should pay for those services rendered, regardless of the satisfaction of the customers. That satisfaction is the responsibility of Schroder since he was the obligor.ReferencesClarkson, Miller, Jentz, and Frank B Cross (2009). Business Law, Text and Cases, 11th Ed., South-WesternLexis-Nexis Legal Research