Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Gene Therapy and HIV

Today, my depicted object is going to be round the most famous and atrocious causing indisposition in the world. And that is military man immunodeficiency virus. For many of you who do not sack out what human immunodeficiency virus is it stands for world Immunodeficiency Virus and is a virus which causes severe damage to the repellent brass or in other words Attacks your immune system. Your immune system protects you from pathogens (microorganisms alike(p) a bacterium, virus, and so forth that can cause disorder) and human immunodeficiency virus is the pathogen. White blood cells (or leukocytes) argon cells of the immune system that be involved in reason the consistency against both septic disease and foreign material. 5 different and diverse types of washcloth blood cells exist. They live for some three to quaternion years in the average human body and are regain in different locations like the blood or at heart tissues. And HIV affects these cells leaving y our body with no protection. HIV causes the disease AIDS if it gets to a authorized level or symbolize and there are four stages of HIV. HIV has been circulating among people for about 100 years decades desireer than scientist had thought. As long as people wo(e) from this virus take the medications ask (ART and ARV), it will maximally hold in the HIV virus and give the sack the progression of HIV disease but is still no cure of HIV or aids so far. This is where my result gets interesting and easier to understand. I know what you readers are thinking or what first came to mind. Is there at long last a cure for HIV? Well not of necessity but this process I am about to justify has some great discipline and facts that youll want to know either if you have HIV or not.\nReintroducing my topic Can gene Therapy Cure HIV? is a chance. Gene therapy is an experimental proficiency that uses genes to treat or close out disease and in this face it is so far a success for HIV. En gineering a patients avow immune cells to resist HIV could eliminate the need for lifelong antiretroviral therapies. Scientist mod... If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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