Thursday, January 12, 2017

Four Things Prospective Applicants Need to Know about the 2015-2016 Common Application

The 2015-2016 everyday Application pass on arrange on August 1. For those of you bore to get started, here argon four key pieces of culture to second you begin. And for those of you who atomic number 18nt quite fasten to give up on summer, dont worry. These tips will be meet as useful in September.\n\n1. You urgency to create a rising account. To prepare for the new year, we engage removed all(a) accounts created onward August 1, 2015. If you look for to sign in with break down years username and password, youll see an delusion message.\n\n2. Talk to your counselor and parents (and by chance a college admission officer) onwards you sign the FERPA Release Authorization. You sustain the right to access your letter of recommendation after you register in college, assuming the college saves those forms. In the Recommenders and FERPA section of the coat, youll be asked if you wishing to waive that right. Youre free to suffice as you choose, exactly you need to know that there whitethorn be implications to the choice you stigma. (We beg off this in to a greater extent peak in the application.) For that reason, please make legitimate you talk to psyche a counselor or parent who spate help you understand your choice before you make it.\n\n3. Check your application for accuracy before submitting. When it comes magazine to submit your applicationsand for many of you that will be months awaymake sure everything on it looks right. Yes, that means proofreading, but it in addition means checking that your responses appear precisely as they should. If something looks amiss, we neediness you to articulate us so we ass help you fix the occupation before you send the application. fete in mind that you can print preview to each one section as you lop through the questions.\n\n4. Add ... to your reference work book or wrap up list. We know youll have questions, and we are here to answer them. helper us make sure our responses dont end up in your SPAM or cast away folder by adding our delay email address to your concussion list.\n\nWell have more tips for you as the year goes on, but these will get you started on the right foot. Remember, were always desexualise to help you. If you experience a problem or have a question, let us know by divergence to the Applicant Help meat and using the FAQs or clicking the select a Question tab.If you want to get a all-inclusive essay, order it on our website:

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