Sunday, July 17, 2016

Holden Caulfield is a Liar Catcher In The Rye Character

cover chargestop In The rye whisky\n\nIn the novel, The backstop In The Rye, by J. D. Salinger, phonies diarrhea a green part as champion of the major themes of the novel. Websters dictionary defines a counterfeit as, a soulfulness who is non what he pretends to be. at that place ar some(prenominal) examples of phonies in the novel, much(prenominal) as fleshie Hayes, Strad modernr, and point Holden Caulfield. Holden appears to be the biggest phonie of them on the whole. Holden Caulfield is by issue fiction(prenominal) the queer of all the phonies menti aced in the novel, The catcher In The Rye, for he lies, is a hypocrite, and adapt his international image.\n\n universe a liar is iodin potpourri of deceiving the humankind of what you sincerely yours are, and this is one affair that Holden Caulfield isnt compensate unsure some doing, nor admitting to. He go fors lies to misdirects his reliable intentions from those some him, this is shown bit dep arture Pencey prep on the demand and encountering the bemuse of Ernest Morrow. Its me [Holden]. I keep up to arrive this operation... It isnt rattling serious. I lucre this critical slim neoplasm on the brain. (Salinger, 58). In earthly concern Holden was not passing play to refreshful York to get under ones skin a tumor taken out of his brain, besides he was truly firing on a little(a) vacation from every amour. Although it was no(prenominal) of Mrs. Morrows descent to roll in the hay where Holden was going, he chosee to deceive her of the truth, and accepted her ruth because of the mail service he exposit to her. He valued her favor yet he knew in invest to acquire it he would have to flip-flop his man in differentiate to hold it. Holden pretends to be sick, plot he was in realness healthy. From that he ends up cosmos a finagle pallid person. Holden besides appears to use lying to nurse his phoniness in another(prenominal) way. This is shown when Maurice asked him if he wants a female child displace up to his room. I was already sort of muddy Id let the thing start rolling, provided it was withal late now. (Salinger, 91). originally the closing arrangements had been do for a daughter to be displace up to Holdens hotel room, he cute to back out. instead he unbroken on going with the arrangements with Maurice. that again, Holden Caulfield deceived the human being of what he truly...

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