Wednesday, February 5, 2014


Aisec 2. Present in brief your ideas as to how we can subvert in the Live Streaming/Webcast more interactive & evoke for virtual(prenominal) Delegates Having two Punjabi anchors will help in good unveil and helps in connecting with the audience.| 3. Write a Press Release for JNC 2011 (pre-conference) JnC is lynchpin and with a sizzling Punjabi tadka!!!AIESEC INDIA is hosting a national conference which is held per annum in the month of June. This year it is being held in the colorful metropolis of Chandigarh. Selected representatives of AIESEC from each state ar invited to the conference where the executing of AIESEC in each local committee is judged and awards ar effrontery harmonize to different categories of work. The new Member Committee of AIESEC India is introduced to the delegates. | 4. How would the blue-print of a JNC composition look like? What all heart and soul would it take? It should be as colorful as it could be. It will strike nationals ranging from the timeline of the conference to some very amazing person-to-person experiences.| 5. Briefly explain your social media strategy around JNC 2011. What are the channels we should use & what content should be promoted online? Firstly, the winners of each sept must be announced so that the members back in the state are delighted and recognized for their work and contributions. The content related to the future plans of AIESEC should be mainly promoted.| 6. Which of the roles are you applying for? IM & mixer Media or Conference Journalist & Media Team. Conference Journalist and Media natural law squad|If you want to get a full essay, baseball club it on our website:

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