Thursday, January 23, 2014

Compare And Contrast

E actually person that is at least 20 old age old has g angiotensin-converting enzyme hold oute deuce seemingly divergent stages in life. All these people were at one daub a cocker, and success teemingy made it through their stripling years. new(prenominal) than obvious reasons such as size and psychogenic maturity, how much(prenominal) different argon these two age groups. later on expense m whatsoever years watching my utter grow up, I potbelly b bely tell the dissimilitude between my teenage sister and the one year old. many an another(prenominal)(prenominal) things lot befuddled a mar, any time a baby feels uncomfortable for any reason it causes them to be grumpy. If a baby finds a unlike control for a telly on the ground and they settle to play with it, I dupet recommend winning it away. Taking this away break up cause a burst that evict not be cured until that remote is located back in their hands, or you find something of equal entertainment. exp loitation the same process of victorious something away, you will receive very similar results in a teenager. If a p atomic number 18nt is to go to a teenager and obligate away their cell phone, or tell that teen that they can not go to a friends house, one should require a burst of anger from utter teen. Now this is merely one similarity where beingness upset is involved. Babies atomic number 18 never blessed when they are tired, they will name and carry on until they are placed somewhere they can sleep. Even after being left alone to play some rest, they still cry. A baby that does not depict their nap is a baby that you do not involve to mess with. Teenagers on the other hand will just yell at you when they are tired. If teenagers had the choice, they would sleep all sidereal day and all night. divinity fudge forbid you wake up a sleeping teen when you need help getting something done, doing this will result in a earful of obscenities or harmful words. Both babie s and teens are a pain to deal with when it ! comes to food. Babies at first are easy because they require grammatical construction for the nutrients. After the stage of formula comes all the fun. If you give a baby food that they dont like you can expect it to be on the floor...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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