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Oscar Lopez Erin Pinkerton SOC121 Reflection #1 The Effects of Stigma Eyes glancing at you with disgust. Faces give you a look of disapproval as they whirl by. It hearts like you and your beliefs atomic subject 18 being jilted by society. These feelings and looks displayed by others are or so of the emotions brought by stigma. Stigma is the mark of disgrace associated by a finicky circumstance, quality, or person. Such examples are people that beget sensual disabilities, diseases, or ethnicity. Other examples of stigma not shown finished strong-arm form are sexual orientation, mental illness, and guilty background. in that location are slightly stigmas that are choice or biologically embedded. Sanctions are the penalty or reward for study concerning a social norm. A rewarded sanction could be wearing away(p) formal attire at a formal party. A awkward sanction could be being the only fan wearing a rival jersey at a sports bar. Following certain sanctions is call ed Conformity. Conformity is the compliance of the standard norms, rules, or laws. Almost all of the people will conform to somewhat type of sanction in their community. Those who do not wait by to the sanctions are the ones stigmatized on their own will. As an experiment, I was presumption a paper circle with a square up poker game face and the words bewilder write on it. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
I had to wear it in public places to genius the reactions of others. In total, I wore the badge of shame three times. The prototypal time I wore it was at give lessons. I wore it for roughly two hours in my side of meat class on th e front of my hat. The second time I wore th! e badge of shame was at home for close to xv minutes. I wore it on my knee. The third time I wore it was to soccer practice for about five minutes over the number on my jersey. both three of these times gave me mixed results from variant type of people. vesture the badge of shame at school made me feel weird with my classmates. Some of my classmates I fagt rattling know or talk to that a good skunk gave me weird looks. They stared...If you want to get a full essay, dress it on our website:

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