Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Glass Castle Questions for Project

Name: Date: Period: THE GLASS CASTLE footrace MULTIPLE CHOICE 1. Jeanette is gravely burned at the eld of three, because a) She was playing with matches b) She was cooking hotdogs c) She was left over(p) home alone 2. What intimation Jeanettes come to be an alcoholic? a) He was disturbed about the bill collectors b) He didnt even translatable kids c) The loss of one of the children afterwards they were born 3. Who tries to rape Jeanette simply doesnt succeed? a) Billy b) A domesticate instructor c) Her uncle Stanley 4. Jeanette and her family move a lot, because a) Theyre accident prone and hatful up their homes b) They never like the homes they live in c) They argon eternally running from bill collectors. 5. What genre is this novel? a) Biography. b) Suspense. c) Non-fiction. d) Memoir. 6. What fictitious character of childishness does Jeanette Wal ls say she has?
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a) Frightening b) Sad c) Weird d) unmatched 7. What be Jeanettes parents feelings regarding parliamentary procedures rules? a) They spurn to obey them . b) They want to fit in with e veryone. c) They are very responsible, but dont like it. d) They believe the rules are very important. SHORT ANSWER (complete on devoid leaf) 8. What is the nitty-gritty of the title? Why might the author restrain elect this title? 9. Why do you think Rex Walls is the father he is? 10. What feelings does Jeannette have when she first sees her mother from th e taxi in break open 1?If you want to get a! rich essay, tramp it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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