Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Blendings As Means Of Formation Of New Words

Major and miner charges of word brass: Word-formation is a branch of linguistics that studies address from the point of their coining in the verbiage. in that location several kinds of word-formation. They be derivation or geomorphological word-formation (creation of delivery by means of affixes), syntactic word-formation (formation of complex words) and semantic-word formation (usage of words in a new meaning). There are 4 main ways of word-formation: 1. affixation 2. conversion 3. compounding 4. shortening Affixes are divided into prefixes and suffixes: Among side and Ukrainian prefixes we drive out single out: a) prefixes with the meaning of negation. In the English language: un-, in-, ir-, im-, de-, dis-, non-, a-. These prefixes are productive. E.g. unclean decentralize, disadvantage, nonalcoholic, asymmetric. The most productive Ukrainian ban prefixes are: ??-, ???-. E.g. ???????? unclear, ??????????? illegal, ????????????? nonprofessional, ????????? defenseless. b) prefixes that provide the descent with the meaning of a retell and reverse action: un-, dis-, re-, in English and ???-, ????- in Ukrainian. E.g. undo ?????????, disconnect ?????????, rewrite ??????????. c) prefixes that define the time and place coordinates of the root fore-, pre-, post-, and prefixes with the prepositional origin under-, after-, in-, by-, etc.
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in English. Correspondent Ukrainian prefixes are ??-, ?????-, ???-, ???-, ??-, ???-, ??-, ?????-. E.g. postwar ????????????, underwater ?????????, prehistoric ????????????, include ????????. around English prefixes cannot be inc luded in any parade because they have uncl! ear semantics and combination with different roots they captivate as different meanings: with-, up-, to-, ad-, bi-, ex-, etc. E.g. withdraw ????????, update ?????????????, unitedly ?????, acknowledge ????????, ex-president ???-?????????. Suffixes can be divided into the following way: a) suffixes that intend a person, in English: -er (teacher ...If you want to drop dead a full essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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