Tuesday, November 19, 2013

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Sometimes , the more things change , the more they stay the correspondent . This is true , at least to some degree , in the study of these expressions . They deal with three uncovers : Politics , Race and Sports and recreation . People argon nonwithstanding interested in political science , though Congress , with a 14 approval membership , more people are annoyed than interested . just now , the importance has non diminished . Also , race is take over an issue . The 1964 and 1968 articles on race deal with the upcoming elections and how African Americans are evaluate to vote . Also , the assassination of Martin Luther br King Jr and the political undertones that they leave behind carry is alike grave on the minds of the country . In sports , the Olympics and the Boston battle of Marathon control small attention . Wh at is seen as one of the biggest differences from the 1964 and 1968 Newsweek articles in comparing to the 2007 Newsweek , that that a whoppingr percentage of the magazine in 2007 , deals with Sports , amusement and popular culture . Even for such a respected magazine as Newsweek , the editors cannot escape the exponential addition in popular culture at the expense of substantive intelligence operation which the country seems to hunger for on an periodic basisIn the November 2 , 1964 issue of Newsweek , the issue revolves around the chairmanial election that is about to follow later that week . The political tension is not as heavy as in past elections since everyone believes that the chair bequeath be a landslide . professorship Johnson is expected to discharge Arizona Senator Barry Goldwater by a very large valuation reserve Goldwater , a Republican , is hoping to court the piety vote and to bloom to Johnson as being soft on communism . President Johnson , in a s peech in Belleville , IL talked about the da! ngers of atomic war and that , like his herald before him , President Kennedy , believes that the contiguous war will be one in which there are no survivors .
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We would not gain survivors would be the judges of the dead (Meyers , 1964 pg . 23 ) He is referencing the dangers of a nuclear war . The war in Vietnam is gaining intensity level and troop levels are rising . The article points to the promise that if select , President Johnson would befriend to avoid a war in South east most(prenominal) Asia In reality , the exact contrary will suffice to fruitionDue to the fact that the election is near , the next issue of Newsweek deals with the demographics of the voters and how they voted . nearly findings will report that Johnson won most of the demographics since his margin of success was 486 to 47 in electoral votes . It will remain as one of the most lopsided victories in American political history . What is interesting in this article entitled The peevishness of an Avalanche , is the fact that African Americans , individuals who voted for the true(a) Republican slate since Andrew Johnson , now voted overwhelmingly for President Johnson . It is report that 96 of the African American voters voted for President Johnson (Mulligan , 1964 pg . 24 ) This is due in...If you want to trace a full essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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