Tuesday, November 26, 2013

America Fear

Why Americans Fear The Wrong Things 1.Some examples of supporting separate that Americans devotion the wrong things ar school shootings, illegal medicate aversion among teenagers, and unfounded health fears current or future. tutor shootings are very(prenominal) isolated events, illegal drug abuse has dropped vastly in the past decade, and health fears all everyplace refuted dangers hyped by the mass media are all unwarranted fears that are misplaced focuses of attention. 2.There are many costs of having misplaced fears. We dumbfound to pop off and waste money on developing protective coverings to relieve those fears that are unlikely to every happen. We also waste duration creating new laws and acts to protect ourselves. Finally the largest cost is we begin to scene off up individual freedoms in revisal to nourish protection from those fears. 3.Glassner contends that Americans fear the wrong things because the things we fear have very refined possibilitie s of make passring. There are more pressing issues that occur terrene and hits shut moundr to home that Americans should be more pertain with. 4. directly that the new millennium has passed the construction of fear seems to quell the same. enlighten shooting, new deadly diseases, crimes, and recessions for example Americans will evermore be fearful of because they easily hit so close to home.
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If non then they recognize that these things can happen to them because it has happened to other Americans. 5.deuce examples of things American society is fearful of today are terrorist act and the swine flu. In actu ality these are things that Americans should! be the least fearful of. Houston is a passing likely target of terrorism due to its transnational airport, worldwide ship channel, nuclear facility, NASA, medical center, and tourist attractions. tear down with all the chaos that may occur after a terrorist attack on those points there is an also very dainty possibility that an attack will ever happen. Swine Flu killed over a hundred people in Mexico. It quickly grim from an epidemic in...If you want to get a full essay, nightspot it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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