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In the Greek tragedy Antigone, patronage of death, honor, and virtue enables the young heroine Antigone to tame a powerful convention Creon, who, proud of his ignorance, turns his back to the forces of Thebes, his son, and nobleman integrity. Creon learns all as well as late, from the destruction of his family, that Fate in due course brings him the penalization he deserves for his fit of outrage. In Antigone, Gods judgment of man plays an congenital role in the repugn between human and divine virtue. Although Creon sends Antigone to be murdered because she violates the states law against run throughing her brother Polynices, Gods nicety proves to be often much powerful at the last of the play. To understand Antigone, it is important to make it some basic beliefs of the quaint Greek people. For the Greeks, law was a majuscule deal held as highly as religion. The ancient codes of the cities were a vow of battle of rites, liturgical directions, and prayers, conjugated with legislative regulations (Davies). Rules for sacrifices, burial, and worship of the unawares were among the rough important. When a remains was non buried, and left unveil to be eaten by birds and animals, the gods were furious because this was thought to be an indignity to the bodys family. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
Antigone feels it is necessity to bury the body of her brother, who is a traitor to Thebes, besides her kind nonetheless. Antigone presents her beliefs when she proclaims, ...Nor did I think your enactment had such force that you, a unadulterated mortal, could override the gods, the great unwritten, unshakable traditions...These laws--I was not about to cash in ones chips them, not out of fear of some mans wounded pride, and boldness the vengeance of the gods (82, ln 503-11). Ancient Greeks had much rate and attachment for their laws, but the... If you call for to get a plentiful essay, order it on our website:

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