Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Initiation Rites Are Often Negative Experience But Make Members View The Group More Favourably, Which Psychological Theory Explains This?

Secret societies standardised sororities and fraternities prosper on their exclusiveness and how unsportsmanlike it is to pass away a part of that society creation rites would practically take the course of unreasonable tasks natural beatings , aflame rag and others but amazingly much and more passel compulsion to be a part of that collection . accord to Lodewijkx and Syroit (1994 ) the inclemency of inductance rites influenced how the members viewed the attractive feature of the separate however , members who account high-pitched affiliation with the class were more likely to prefer the sort rather than those who did non . This would mean that the unkindness of the launching bring would develop smart set among the new recruits and would wherefore conk out to more favourable attending towards the radicalIt would seem obvious that ambitious elicitation rites would diminish the drawing card of the radical , having to be physically overcome or psychologically tormented might diminish the liking for the crowd and it has been represent that it does (Lodewijkx Syroit , 1994 , however many bar up go through the initiation and incur members of the group . This incongruence can be explained by the cognitive stochasticity surmisal Cognitive dissension accord to Festinger (1956 ) is when a individual finds him /her self behaving in slipway that argon inconsistent with how he /she thinks or feels . The need to trim the divagation between what maven feels and thinks with bingle s actions is a primary jibe drive that forces man to be consistent . Now , a recruit who feels cark , licking and sadness during the initiation rites and inactive lack to be a member of the group is undergoing cognitive dissension . In to take down the conflict that he is phantom , he could either get out up or articulate that he does not like the group anymore or to rationalize that the initiation was except a test of his willingness to locomote a member of the group or to change .
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The unkindness-attraction blood line (Aronson Mills , 1959 states that the more puckish the initiation rites the more the soulfulness is attracted to the group . This would mean that former knowledge about the group s initiation rites actually influences the person to seek membership . The severity of the initiation builds the image of attitude power and social situation among the other groups , thus if we figure into cognitive dissonance , whence the member has already cut down the dissonance by respect the fact that the difficulty of getting into this group is nothing compared to the benefits cardinal gains when he is accepted to the group . By reducing the dissonance , the recruit comes to terms with the physical and emotional annoying of the initiation and the desire to become a part of the group . Although cognitive dissonance explains why wad go through pain and suffering just to become a member of a certain group it does not explain how commitment , create mentally ideas or exposure to such group can alike influence the individual to underpin the discomfort of initiation rites . What is absolute is that initiation rites symbolize the acceptance...If you want to get a come in essay, order it on our website: Ordercustompaper.com

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