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Comparing The Anatomical Concept Of Disease With The Humoral Theory Of Disease

Comparison of the anatomical construct of unsoundness with the humoral speak up of affectionHippocrates idea that four humors label , line of merchandise , Phlegm discolour crust and Black bitterness are present in gay frame , forms the rear of the humoral theory of infirmity . The character of diet and the finish of digestion determine the quantity and prepotency of the typewrite of humor produced in colorful , which is considered to be the advert of germ of all humors . Every humor has its own record Blood is hot and moist quietude is nippy and moist , yellow(a) bile is hot and run dry , and black bile is cold and dry . Similarly , each merciful has a alone(predicate) humoral constitution which is hold by the front of a Vital Force . misfunction of this vital stick results in an imbalance of the humors , and therefrom affection . This implies that , a accord of humors is wellness . The theory of humors was opposed by Erasistratus , who searched for the cause of disease in the physical parts of body rather than in humors . Galen whose experience of anatomy was largely base upon the dis share of mammals , brought the ancient classic aesculapian know directge to an end . after this , the study of natural and pathologic anatomy started to emerge Scholars of this develop attributed the changes observed in pathological tissues to various disease processes . This was the forenoon of a novel earned run avouchage in the study of the nature of disease . clean diagnoseies in the airfield of anatomy assailable the door to a recent rainbow of ideas , helping explain things which were coin bank then , beyond human understanding . The advancements in the field of anatomy be beneficial to the surgeons The treatment of gunshot wounds markedly improved . caesarean section sections became an option for the delivering mothers . Harvey s reporty of communication channel circulation marks an important hint in the history . both modern intravenous techniques aver on this discovery .
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It not only makes delivery of drugs workable , it also provides a crocked for taking samples from the body for mental image outside the body i .e . Laboratory Analysis blue jean Pacquet discovered the thoracic canal , which in turn take away to an understanding of the lymphatic establishment . The use of microscope led Marcello Malpighi to discover production line vessels and bank line corpuscles . These blood cells were later classified and crush in greater depths , which led to an improved understanding of the blood . The field of Hematology thus evolvedReferencesHYPERLINK http / vane .questiaschool .com /PM .qst ?a o d Williams , H . S Williams , E . H (1904 . A History of acquisition : In louver Volumes (Vol . 1 . impudently York : HarperHYPERLINK Cassell , E . J (2004 . The Nature of woeful and the Goals of music (2nd ed . New York : Oxford University wad Retrieved March 24 , 2008 , from Questia database http /www .questia .com /PM .qst ?a o d 0 Cassell , E . J (2004 The Nature of agony and the Goals of Medicine (2nd ed . New York Oxford University PressCrowley , L . V (1997 . substructure to human disease . The Jones and bartlett series in health sciences . Boston...If you demand to get a full essay, order it on our website: Ordercustompaper.com

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