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Beat Your Examiners with Exam Techniques


Beat Your Examiners with Exam Techniques

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My brother is an artistic genius. I can probably move as well as the average child of 6. exclusively I use mental test techniques. Who do you think got the higer mark in the final art exams? You can beat the quizzer regularly with good exam techniques.


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Are exam techniques relegate than knowledge?

half a century ago I conditioned most exam techniques. At that time I was snowed under with study, and my sea captain said that I had as much chance as the Man in the Moon of passing three general level GCE subjects.

He was right at that time! It didnt motion how much study I did, term exam questions were continuously ab extinct stuff I hadnt studied.

consequently I learned that you perform surmount in an exam if you know much just about exams rather than about the subject of the exam.

I want that.

Using Exam Techniques

So I studied exam techniques. What were the results? I passed eleven GCE ordinary level subjects.

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I panic every time I am asked to do a stick-drawing.

However in the GCE exam, my brother set out to do good art, and I used exam techniques to beat back good marks. To my great glee I got a better pass mark than my brother did. I was sure that be that exams are unfair, but remained very smug.

Multiple Choice

My married woman had a multiple-choice paper on a subject about which I knew nothing. I tried the exam techniques in my book. My wife assured me that I would have passed - without knowing anything about it.

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