Thursday, February 28, 2013

Lens Equations

Lens Equation (last edited )
Dr. Larry Bortner
To verify the electron lens equation for both a converging lens and a diverging lens. To investigate optic systems. To find the focal lengths of a converging lens and a diverging lens.
By definition, arc can travel by transparent materials. Its speed, though, will be slower than through a vacuum. The ratio of the speed in vacuum to that in the material is called the index of refraction n. When a ray of crystalize strikes the interface climb between two media at a non-perpendicular angle, its direction changes. This bending of a hoy ray is called refraction.
What we are concerned with in this experiment is what happens when sluttish strikes a piece of water ice called a lens. The lens is cause such that it has a section of a spherical surface on one side and a section of a differently-sized spherical surface on the other(a). The light goes from air to glass and back to air. If the air-glass and the glass-air surfaces are parallel, the light ray continues in its received direction. Different sizes of the spheres defining the sections cause the light to spread break through either immediately from the glass or after light beams converge to an area.
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For a converging lens, in advent light rays that are parallel to the optical axis and parallel to each other converge to a common focal point after going through the lens. The place from the center of the lens to this point is the focal length. For a diverging lens, incoming parallel rays appear to be coming from a focal point behind the lens when viewed from the other side.
A fundamental relationship studied in geometrical optics correlates the distance do between an object and a lens, the distance di between the lens and the image position, and the focal length f of the lens. (A quick aside: the variables denoting the object and image distances vary wide and what is used here may not be the aforementioned(prenominal) as your...If you want to get a full essay, determine it on our website:

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